Nannies to Suit Every Need and Occasion

When you choose a nanny from London Governess, we want to be sure you get precisely the nanny you are looking for. Whether you opt for a long term nanny (a Permanent nanny) or a short term nanny, a Holiday nanny or a nanny for a special occasion, drawing on our extensive database we are sure to have exactly the nanny you need.

Daily Nannies

We provide many families with Daily nannies. Daily nannies can be divided into Sole Charge nannies and Shared Charge nannies. Sole Charge nannies look after your children when you are not around – at work, for example. Shared Charge nannies look after your children jointly with you, helping take the burden of constant attention off your shoulders. We can also supply Special Needs nannies, to look after children who require extra care.

Live-In Nannies

A Live-in nanny is far more than simply a childminder. She will provide your child with care, comfort and security while instilling correct behaviour and manners. For our international clients, a native British Live-in nanny is an excellent way of improving your child’s English, too.

Live-in nanny placements vary, so it is important to decide whether you will need babysitting services included, the hours your nanny will be on-call, and what duties are required. Even though they are present in your home, Live-in nannies are not expected to do household chores unrelated to the children in their care.

Temporary Nannies

Sometimes you need a nanny at short notice – perhaps to cover for your normal nanny falling sick, or when an emergency arises, or just for a special occasion. That is when a Temporary nanny shines. Emergency nannies are just the thing when you need emergency childcare right now. Last Minute nannies are perfect when the unexpected calls you away. While Occasional nannies help you deal with a special event.

Holiday Nannies

Holiday nannies are a popular choice when you are travelling abroad, either helping you look after the children, or travelling with them when you can’t make it, to give you peace of mind.

International, Bilingual and Multilingual Nannies

As an international agency, we often receive requests for nannies who speak a second or even third language, on top of native English. That is no trouble at all! We can provide bilingual nannies or multilingual nannies to meet almost any linguistic need – from Russian speaking nannies, Spanish speaking nannies, or Japanese speaking nannies, to Arabic speaking nannies, Slovak speaking nannies, Greek speaking nannies, and many more. We can also send our nannies to your home almost anywhere in the world.