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Hire Governess in London

Our governesses are skilled teachers who will motivate your child to progress academically, acquire life skills and develop good manners. A native British governess from London Governess is the best way to help children master English where it is not their first language, and teach your child British cultural expectations. Above all, our experienced governesses will ensure your child receives a proper UK education.

British governess’ duties include:

  • Educating children in their homes (most of our governesses possess the certified qualifications)
  • Developing children’s social skills
  • Teaching proper etiquette and manners.

Our governesses bring a wealth of experience. All possess the following attributes:

  • A teaching background, higher education in childcare, and five years of childcare/teaching experience
  • Naturally good with children
  • The ability to instill key British attributes such as courage, independence and self-reliance, and to help children develop their own personality
  • A highly trained professional with UK qualifications
  • A team player
  • Suitable for your child to look up to as a role model.


Governesses may also have:

  • Spoken and written command of more than one language (bilingual or multilingual)
  • The ability to teach a musical instrument such as the piano, or sporting skills such as swimming and tennis.

From our extensive database, you will find a candidate with any special skills you require.


What types of governesses do we offer?

In our database, we have native English speaking Governesses, bilingual Governesses (fluent in Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese), overseas Governesses based both in the UK and abroad. Their services are available internationally. Our governesses are highly demanded and clients from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, USA, African countries and others contact us to provide them with our governesses.  We can pride ourselves with providing British governess services for our overseas clients. Only the best are recruited in our company and sent to overseas positions.


How much will London Governess services cost?

A governess often (but not always) lives with the family. If she is a permanent, full time placement she normally works five days a week, for up to ten hours a day. She teaches children aged between three and sixteen, and often works alongside a nanny. We can also place temporary governesses, or governesses with different hours, according to your requirement.

The responsibilities she undertakes are substantial, but a suitably qualified full time British governess can expect to earn a salary between £700 and £1,500 per week. Salary increases the greater the experience and education of the individual.


What will a governess do for my children?

As well as teaching and giving moral guidance, a governess will:

  • Assist children with their homework and give tutoring
  • Administer First Aid if required
  • Keep children occupied and mentally stimulated
  • Arrange age-appropriate development activities
  • Help children overcome difficulties, such as phonics, literacy and comprehension skills

  • Take children out on fun and learning trips
  • Transport children to school and manage their play dates
  • Organise children’s parties
  • Keep your child’s healthcare records up-to-date.



How do I find the best governess for my needs?

Our consultants will listen to you carefully before selecting the most suitable candidates from our database. You will be provided with their Curriculum Vitae to consider, and will have an opportunity to interview each candidate to choose the one that best suits your family.

All the candidates in our database have previously sent relevant documents (C. V., cover letter, DBS check, First Aid Certificate, education diplomas and certificates, references), had an interview with us and been checked thoroughly once again. You can be sure that a candidate in our system fully deserves your attention concerning both education and professionalism.


Call us: +44 207 581 2612  and + 44 7740 462 463