What will a nanny do for my family?

A nanny will nurture your child whilst keeping your home running smoothly. She will ensure that your child is happy and safe at all times. From fun trips to tutoring phonics, literacy and comprehension skills, your nanny will support your child’s education and development, in coordination with a governess or other staff members. With a native British nanny, your child will learn to speak fluent English, and will benefit from the nanny’s good manners and British values.

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Typical nanny duties Include:

  • Getting the child up and dressed
  • Supervising children’s meals
  • Washing and ironing children’s laundry
  • Keeping children active and entertained
  • Arranging play dates
  • Taking the children to the park or zoo
  • Creating arts and crafts projects
  • Reading to the children
  • Accompanying children to music or dance lessons
  • Doctor’s or dentist’s appointments
  • Tidying play area at end of day
  • Keeping toys clean and organised
  • Helping child undress
  • Bathing the child and making ready for bed.

Every placement is different. Nannies may also provide a variety of additional, bespoke services to make a client’s life easier. For example, arranging to be “on-call” at night. For weekend work, nannies will generally be paid extra. Nannies also receive four weeks paid vacation each year.

How can I find the right nanny for my children?

At London Governess, we have set our standards high. All our nannies have respected UK qualifications, and years of hands-on experience. Your nanny can either live with you, or work set hours as a daily nanny. We can create a bespoke service that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

After guiding you through the process of choosing a nanny, we will send you a collection of suitable Curriculum Vitae to consider. You will then interview the candidates you like, and select the one who feels right to you.

Our consultants meet every potential nanny in person to discuss previous experience and qualifications, and check references.  As a result of the care we take, you can be certain that your nanny will be professional, discreet and an excellent role model.

I only need a nanny for a few days a week, or on a temporary basis. Can London Governess still help me?

Yes. London Governess can place a part-time nanny to suit your schedule, and we also place short-term or holiday nannies.

Our temporary nannies possess wide-ranging knowledge of conditions in many countries around the world, and can assist in the making of travel arrangements, as well as planning cultural, educational, and fun-filled activities for your child. You can request a nanny with specific skills – for example, the capacity to teach your children to swim or ski, or the ability to speak a certain language – or who is knowledgeable about the location you are visiting. Whatever your requirement, we will do our absolute best to meet it.

Nannies are accomplished at multi-tasking, and can provide many benefits for your family while on vacation, including meal preparation, help with homework, and driving children to events or activities.