Responsible Household Staff to Make Your Life Easier

Household Staff Agency London

London Governess provides more than just governesses and childcare professionals. We will help you keep your household running smoothly with a full range of household staff, including house managers, butlers, cooks, housekeepers, fitness instructors, domestic couples and chauffeurs. In fact, we can provide almost any domestic staff that you ask for.

We apply the same rigorous standards to all the domestic professionals we supply, so you can be sure that any household staff from London Governess will be discrete, properly trained, respectful and honest.

As with our governesses and nannies, we offer only the finest candidates, pre-screening them to ensure they meet your demanding standards.

Why choose household staff from London Governess?

We have extensive experience catering to the needs of VIP and high net worth families, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.  We do everything we can to minimise the inconvenience and time you have to invest in finding the perfect staff members for your home.