Build a solid foundation for your child with a private tutor

Private Tutors in London

A tutor provides private, one-on-one sessions at your home to strengthen your child’s academic performance and help them achieve their full potential.  London Governess can provide experienced tutors in a wide range of key subjects.

Tutors are expert at teaching in their chosen field. Whether it be Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, a foreign language or any other discipline, a skilled and professional tutor is the perfect way to prepare for entrance exams or Oxbridge, to be sure of good grades in national exams, or just to help motivate a child with a subject they find challenging. Tutors are also excellent at bringing on a promising student in a subject where they excel, giving your child the extra work they need to stretch them.

Trust London Governess to find you the perfect tutor

We understand the importance of strong academic performance, and your natural concern to give your child the best possible opportunities. Our tutors are always experienced professionals, talented teachers with the patience to explain and the skill to motivate and encourage.

Tutor working arrangements

Tutors are generally self-employed and hired on an hourly basis. They can be hired full time, especially to cover holiday periods or other occasions where you need intensive preparation.

The cost of hiring a tutor.

Tutors can be hired full time or by the hour.

Hiring a tutor full time for a 35-40 hour week costs between £800 to £1300. More experience and more impressive or wide ranging qualifications will command higher rates.

When hired by the hour a tutor costs between £30 and £100, again depending on experience, qualifications and subject.