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Build a solid foundation for your child with a private tutor

Private Tutors in London

With London Governess, finding a suitable private tutor for your child will not be a time demanding problem any more. When you read what kind of tutor services we offer and the easy procedure of obtaining a home tutor, you will be completely sure that we are the company with the best choice.

Trust London Governess to find you a perfect private tutor

We understand the importance of strong academic performance and your natural concern to give your child the best possible opportunities.

A private tutor is a person who can provide your child with one-on-one sessions at your home to make your children’s academic performance better and help them achieve their full potential. This is what we can provide.

Our tutors are expert at teaching in their chosen field. Whether it is Mathematics,  Physics, Chemistry, English Literature, a foreign language or any other discipline, our skilled and professional tutor is the perfect way to prepare your child for 11+ exams, other entrance exams or Oxbridge, to be sure of good grades in national exams, or just to help motivate a child with a subject they find challenging.

Our English tutors are also excellent at bringing on a promising student in a subject where they excel, giving your child the extra work they need to stretch them. They are always experienced professionals, talented teachers with the patience to explain and the skill to motivate and encourage.

Our general standards of choosing a tutor are the following:

  1. Subject professional tutor (All our registered tutors’ diplomas and certificates have been checked)
  2. Education and work experience (Most of private tutors have references/proofs of previous education and employment, what has also been double checked by London Governess)
  3. Reliability (All the private tutors are hardworking, dedicated with high sense of responsibility)
  4. Caring and outgoing personality (Our English tutors are pleasant with a genuine interest in children and their education) 


What can be expected from our London tutors?

  • To travel to your home or a place which is convenient for private tutoring (a library or school)
  • To plan classes in agreement with you
  • To give your child exercises from recommended textbooks and prepared learning materials, while making learning interesting and fun
  • To give you honest feedback about your child’s improvement
  • To improve themselves in order to be the highly qualified tutors in the area (by participating in various training and seminars)


How do we choose a tutor for you?

We are completely aware that choosing a tutor can be a demanding task for any parent, which is why we would like to guide you through every phase of the process and introduce you the way how we are dealing with it:

  1. The first phase is a telephone conversation with our representative when it is crucial to be open about your needs and expectations, if you are interested in having a tutor for one subject only or for more, if your child needs special attention to some of them and so on.
  2. The second stage is where we send you a collection of suitable Curriculum Vitae to consider.
  3. The third stage includes you interviewing your shortlisted candidates. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to see a tutor at work before you make your offer. A trial could be a day or two or a week, as long as you believe it is necessary. Again, it is essential for both parties to be as honest as possible, because this will determine the success of your future collaboration.
  4. The last stage is when you make your final decision. Take your time to consider all the aspects of the candidates you have met.


Tutor working arrangements

Tutors are generally self-employed and hired on an hourly basis. They can be hired full time, especially to cover holiday periods or other occasions where you need intensive preparation. You can specify your need when applying and we will do the rest. 


The cost of hiring a tutor

Tutors can be hired full time or by hour.

Hiring a tutor full time (35 – 40 hours per week) costs between £800 to £1300. More experience and more impressive or wide-ranging qualifications will command higher rates.

When hired by hour, tutor’s costs will be between £30 and £100, again depending on experience, qualifications and subject.

One more important thing about private tuition is that we guarantee a top professional service to our clients which means that our private tutors respect terms and conditions you require as well as privacy.


Call us: +44 207 581 2612  and + 44 7740 462 463