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Professional Development Courses – Improve Your Skills and Job Prospects

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At London Governess, we take our commitment to quality seriously. As proof of this, we are the only agency running its own training courses. Over 5 years of experience dealing with high net worth and VIP families around the world, our courses provide comprehensive coverage of the important skills and awareness which a childcare professional needs to succeed in the homes of the most demanding client.


Why attend our courses?



Governess Course

Our governess courses are taught by an exceptionally accomplished Norland trained nanny who has worked for royalty, celebrities and other high-profile clients around the world. For candidates looking to access the best employment opportunities, our governess training is the ideal way to gain essential skills and knowledge.

The candidates will learn if they fulfill the requirements of the clients and improve their knowledge about being a governess in a VIP family both in the UK and around the globe.

The attendees will be provided with a certificate and handbook, containing valuable information.

Finally, your C. V. will be richer with this certificate and you will have the advantage of taking your C. V. into consideration firstly by our clients than those without it.


Etiquette Course

The etiquette courses we provide can make you more confident socially and in a business environment. With our relaxed introduction to British manners and protocol, you will learn how to meet and greet people appropriately on different occasions, how to entertain and be entertained, how to dress correctly, and how to deal with common social situations with ease. Also, you will hear more about being a host and guest, table manners and correct use of cutlery, sending and receiving invitations, letters of thanks and many more useful things.

These courses are run either for small groups of friends or on an individual basis.  They can take place in client’s own home or hotel or we can arrange the venue, normally a top hotel in central London.

The etiquette course also covers formal and informal table settings, napkin folding and flower arranging.

This is the best solution for those who have come to the UK and want to learn more about English culture and customs.

We have found that clients appreciate the extra polish our courses add, and frequently stipulate that they prefer to interview candidates who have attended one.



Household Training Course

We offer training courses for clients in their own homes, to train their staff.

The housekeeper training is aimed at making the cleaner or housekeeper in your home more professional. Improving the standards, skills and efficiency to ensure your home is run and managed to a high standard. The course covers daily, weekly and deep cleaning schedules, care of surfaces and floors, how to clean and care for silver, crystal, fine furniture, paintings and antiques. We cover laundry and ironing, cleaning and preparing rooms and bathrooms, turn down, packing for travel, care of clothes and shoes, food hygiene and safety, communication with employers and guests, answering the telephone and door, privacy and security of your property.

Most of our clients prefer the private bespoke training, delivered in their residence and for their staff only.

This course is tailor made to the needs of the client and household and is ideal where security and privacy is an issue.

We have recently trained staff in Saudi Arabia – the household staff for the Royal family.

Where there is sufficient interest, we can train a group of staff in a hotel in any location.  This is for a minimum group of ten and means a number of families may get together and send their staff for training. This is a less expensive option and is ideal for smaller households, where there are less staff. However, it does mean that it can only go ahead providing there are at least ten people taking part in the training.


Nanny Training Course

The professional nanny training course is aimed at staff in private households, who may be looking after children but have no professional training. The course provides training to ensure your staff are looking after your children in a professional way and ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

The course covers the care of children, routines, safety, communication, playing and encouraging learning, language development, advice on potty training, hygiene, feeding and cooking for children, managing their behaviour, temper tantrums and many more.

Do let us know if this is of interest to you and if so, please send further details of your requirements.

All above courses can be done here or abroad.