Etiquette Training For Improved Confidence

Proper manners and following the correct protocol are important in British society, but can often be confusing or baffling for the uninitiated. If you would like to feel more confident socially and in a business environment, the London Governess one day etiquette course is ideal. With our relaxed introduction to British manners and protocol, you will learn how to meet and greet people appropriately on different occasions, how to entertain and be entertained, how to dress correctly, and how to deal with common social situations with ease.

Etiquette Course London

The course covers the following:

  • Greetings, conversation, networking
  • Table manners and table setting
  • Dress – what to wear when
  • Styles of dress including black tie, white tie, lounge suits, smart casual, etc.
  • Hats and when to wear them
  • How to host a dinner party, formal and informal event or house party
  • How to be a guest at the above
  • Thank you letters, invitations (formal and informal), how to write and how to reply, other correspondence.

The course takes place at a central London location, and is run in small, informal groups. It is perfect for overseas clients who want to gain awareness of British culture, manners and etiquette, and will also benefit anyone who wants to improve their social skills. It is especially recommended for business people who want to ensure that they can network effectively within British society.