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Living in and around London means a busy life, but that doesn’t mean that help can’t be found! If you’re currently residing the Knightsbridge area of London, and you’re looking for a governess or nanny to help with your childcare and educational needs, then here at London Governess, we have a range of options to suit your needs.

Within our service, we offer highly trained and experienced governesses, as well as nannies for smaller children, based within the Knightsbridge area for convenience. Our staff are able to work on a live in or out basis, and we offer both part and full time contracts. Simply tell us what you need and we will endeavour to match you up with your ideal local governess or nanny, within just 48 hours.

Why Choose us?

We stand out above the competition due to our quality and experience in the childcare and educational field. We have a large pool of governesses and nannies nationwide, with many based locally in your area. The ability to choose the perfect support for your child means that you can go away to work safe in the knowledge that your child is not only looked after safety and securely, but also that their developmental and educational requirements are more than met.

We rigorously vet our staff to ensure they meet the highest possible standards, including background checks, qualification checks, and to ensure that they have enough experience to be able to offer your child the support they need.

Whether you need a governess to support your child’s education and wellbeing, or you need a nanny to help your child’s basic care needs and development rate, we have options for you to choose from, and we can pair you up with your ideal match within just 48 hours. Many of our governesses and nannies have prior experience of travelling with families of high social class, as well as VIPs and royalty, and also have experience of teaching both sports and musical instruments. Simply let us know what requirements you have for your child’s development and education, and we will match you up with the perfect professional.

Are You Looking For a Knightsbridge Governess?

We have several governesses working within the Knightsbridge area, and we can pair you up quickly and smoothly. Every single one of our governesses are highly skills and trained, with a wealth of experience to pass onto your child. Our governesses support your child’s educational needs, working in line with the current national curriculum within the UK school network.

Every one of our governesses meet the following criteria:

  • Have a background and proven qualification in teaching, including no less than five years solid teaching experience
  • Have the ability to teach your child within their current home setting, as well as taking them out on educational trips to enhance their knowledge and development
  • Able to support your child’s personal and social development, encouraging the learning of etiquette and manners, as well as independence, resilience, and courage
  • Some of our governesses have worked overseas, and some can also speak more than one language
  • Some of governesses are able to teach your child how to play sports, as well as musical instruments
  • Are trained in the administration of first aid, should the event arise

Are you looking for a Knightsbridge Nanny?

For those families with babies and toddlers, we also have several nannies based within the Knightsbridge area, who can be paired up with your family on a range of different working situations, e.g. full or part time. Every nanny we accept onto our books has been rigorously checked, and has the appropriate qualifications, as well as a wealth of experience working with children of varying ages.

Our nannies all meet the following criteria:

  • Have years of experience working with children of various ages, including young babies and newborns  
  • Have proven qualifications in early childhood development and education
  • Support your child’s basic needs, e.g. feeding, changing, sleeping, and routine
  • Are able to take your children out of the home, on fun and development-enhancing trips
  • Are trained in first aid and are able to administer this should the event arise
  • Highly trained in supporting your child’s early development, updating you on their progress, as well as highlighting any potential issues or worries

What do Children Enjoy in Knightsbridge?

As Knightsbridge is located in central London, close to some major attractions, our nannies and governesses are able to take your children out to visit the main spots, allowing them to learn more about the history of the capital city. Within close reach there is the Tower of London and the British Museum, the London Transport Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum. Our nannies and governesses are also able to take your children out on day trips to nearby attractions, such as Legoland Windsor, and the Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Of course, being close to many parks, cinemas, and playgrounds, your children will be supported and entertained by our highly trained governesses and nannies, with local knowledge of the area for extra safety.

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