Working as a Nanny in Rhine-Ruhr, Germany

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Germany is a huge country, and one which attracts countless people for relocation every single year. The diverse, multi-cultural population means that visitors and residents in Germany overall are able to meet people from all walks of life, and when you add in the history and culture of Germany as a whole, this is a country which is certainly high up on many a travel wish list.

Germany presents countless opportunities for childcare workers, as more families decide to relocate to Germany for work, and want a native English speaking professional to help teach their children English, alongside the German they will probably learn in school. For that reason, working as a nanny in Germany will look fantastic on your CV.

There are many large cities in Germany, such as Berlin, etc, but one of the largest areas in terms of population is the Rhine-Ruhr area. This is the largest metropolitan area in the country, and is home to more than 10 million people in this part of the country alone. That means plenty of opportunities for work, especially as a nanny.

What to Expect When Working as a Nanny in Rhine-Ruhr

Rhine-Ruhr is home to the cities of Bonn, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, and Dortmund, and is situated in the west of the country. Rhine-Ruhr is quite industrialised, which means a more urban feel, and less countryside, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to get out of the city and enjoy the more laid-back feel of the rivers, lakes, forests, and valleys which Germany is so famous for. When working in this part of the country, it’s likely that you will be working in one of the large cities, for a family who are busy working during the week, and possibly weekends too.

Your family could be German, and they want a native English speaking nanny to help their child learn English from someone who has this as their first language. On the other hand, your family could be English or English speaking, and they want a native speaker to help support the continued learning of their child’s learning skills, whilst they are attending what is essentially a foreign school. Your situation could be either of the above, but your duties as a nanny will be the same regardless.

The main duties of a nanny include:

  • Basic childcare duties, such as help with feeding, dressing, bathing
  • Supportive play, helping children to learn colours, words, images, etc, through flashcards, toys, and educational games
  • Supporting the educational and developmental milestones of the child in your care, and flagging up any issues as they arise
  • Helping to support the child’s education when they begin their first schooling experience, be it in German or English
  • Accompanying the child to social outings and appointments as necessary
  • Possible travel with the family, if they choose this as part of the arrangement

Nannies in general work on several different basis’, and it really depends on the family’s wishes as to which type of basis will be offered to you. You might be offered a live in arrangement, which means you will live in the family home, but you will have your own space, as well as time off when you can head out and explore the Rhine-Ruhr region and further afield, or simply enjoy down time. Alternatively, you might be offered a live out arrangement, and this means you will have your own house, room, or apartment, and you will attend the family home for work on your set working days. The family will probably help you to find accommodation, but it’s a good idea to put the wheels in motion on this before you arrive in the Rhine-Ruhr region.

Of course, there are also part time and full time options to think about, but you may be asked to work extra, e.g. evenings or weekends, over and above your contract, and you will be paid extra for this accordingly. This could be because your family have to attend a work function one evening, and need someone to look after the children. Of course, they will choose you because you have that bond of trust with them, and they trust you implicitly.

Things to do For Families in the Rhine-Ruhr Region

The Rhine-Ruhr region is huge, and that means plenty to see and do for families. Of course, there are big cities, and this means cinemas, playgrounds, shopping centres, and indoor climbing parks for kids to enjoy, but there are other, slightly different activities to enjoy too. for instance, Heimat-Tierpark in Olderdissen is ideal for children who want to explore nature, and a great way to get them out of the city an into some fresh, country air. Here you can explore native animals, flora, fauna, and there is also plenty of space to run free!

Movie Park Germany, located in Kirchhellen, is another great place for children and adults to enjoy together. This is a large theme park which is based around popular TV shows, and also has rides which link to the same. A great day out, and plenty of fun to be had. Alternatively, Irrland The Farm Adventure Oasis in Tiwsteden is another natural-based day out for the kids to enjoy, where they can meet many farm animals and learn about farming methods. A great way for them to learn something, whilst probably not even realising they’re learning!

Working as a nanny in the Rhine Ruhr region of Germany is a great experience, and one which will certainly look very impressive on your resume/CV.

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