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The UAE is a region of interest for many people. It has seen a great number of individuals as well as families move over to settle after retirement while others move for greener pastures. One of the UAE emirates that have seen an influx in the number of people moving in to settle or for work is Ajman.

If your family has moved to Ajman, you understand the need to have someone take care of your children’s education needs in their native language. As kids might get muddled up in the confusion of which language to pick, a governess becomes your best asset. That is why we at London Governess have made it our business to ensure you get someone reliable to take care of the educational needs of your children.

Who is A Governess?

A governess is an individual employed to teach children in the home setup. As compared to all the other home workers, the governess is only tasked with meeting their educational needs, social, as well as personal development. With London Governess, it is now easier to get such an English-speaking employee to work for you in Ajman, UAE.

Highly Skilled, Reliable, And Experienced Governesses

London Governess believes in true professionalism. As such, we have compiled a list of over 750 duly registered individuals who highly qualify to work in Ajman. They have all passed the rigorous vetting processes we have in place, have the requisite certifications, and are ready to relocate to Ajman.

For us to get our clients the best candidates, we only invest in the best. Therefore, we ensure to do due diligence and thorough research on each candidate before registering them in our database. As such, we have been trusted to supply governesses to politicians, VIPs, royal, and celebrities’ families all over the world with results we are proud of.

Duties and Responsibilities of A Governess

With our governess, you can expect an array of skills and competencies once they arrive in Ajman. They all have over five years of hands-on experience which means they need less induction.

Also, some of the candidates are of Arab descent but born and brought up in the UK meaning they are conversant with both cultures and native languages. Since they have also worked in other emirates apart from Ajman, you can be sure they understand even the education system in UAE.

Our governesses are experts in:

  • Meeting your children’s educational needs from their home and ensuring the kids are competent enough.
  • Nurturing the children’s intellectual, cognitive, as well as social development.
  • Ensuring the children stay lively and active to boost their health as well as physical and mental well-being.
  • Ensuring to plan and arrange for play dates, educational, and recreational trips.
  • Assisting kids with their assignments.
  • Tutelage after school and over the holidays.
  • Ensuring to use their skills to identify, exploit, and nurture the kids’ talents, skills, and capabilities while they are still young.
  • Traveling with the family in and out of Ajman.
  • Ensuring the children have an enjoyable, safe, and stimulating environment for them to gain life skills, self-independence, and confidence.
  • Instilling basic etiquette, manners, culture, personal grooming, and discipline in the kids.
  • Creating extra-curricular activities and ensuring the children are taking part in such activities like swimming, physical and mind games, music lessons, among others.
  • Teaching children an extra language per the need.
  • While the children are not in school, taking them to such places as children’s entertainment centres, national parks, libraries, and zoos.

In addition, the governess will help you with general school activities. She can help with scouting for new schools, selecting the best, application, and reporting. She can also step in for you if the school needs parents to attend meetings or academic days, but you are unavailable.

Things to Do with Children in Ajman

When the kids are not in school, trust your governess to keep them lively and engaged. She can take a walk or drive with them to different recreational and entertainment centres with them including the Ajman Beach which is a perfect beach for the kids. It is kids friendly, and the food is awesome to keep them wanting to go back there.

They could also visit the Ajman Museum where much of Ajman’s history is preserved. The museum harbours archaeological findings, archaic weaponry on display, and pearl trade history lined up for its visitors. The 18th-century fort could be a good and intriguing point of adventure and learning for the children.

Bi- and Multi-Lingual

Our governesses do not only bring years of experience aboard. They are also experts in extra languages. Therefore, if you are looking for someone who can help your kids learn French, Russian, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, among other major languages, we have the right candidates for you.

Working Schedule and Engagement Terms

A governess’ working schedule is dependent on several factors including the employing family’s needs. Usually, a governess works for 8-10 hours for five days a week. They are given two days off, but all these are details agreeable on before any changes in the contract.

The employer should note that a governess is not responsible for the basic upbringing of children. It is, therefore, important that they have a babysitter or nanny to work alongside the governess.


London Governess hopes that every client gets the right candidate for their kids’ educational needs. It is also our view that every child needs a governess to meet those needs. As such, we have made it possible for everyone to get a candidate who fits their needs and will be willing to relocate to Ajman.

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