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Welcome to London Governess, the most sought-after nanny and governess agency in the UK. We are one of the leading agencies specializing in placing top-rated native English-speaking governesses for clients across the globe.

We are London’s most preferred agency, and with the ability to deliver what every client expects, we have managed to build ourselves a great name from the UK to Baku, Azerbaijan. It has been years of successful operation with strong ties between our clients in Baku and us here in London. Regardless of the geographical differences, our professionalism has catapulted our name across the globe.

Skilled and Expert Governesses

London Governess believes in getting every kid the requisite education. It is also our goal, therefore, to see your children get someone who can take care of their academic needs professionally. To make that a reality, we have been placing highly qualified and experienced native English-speaking governess to different clients from different countries.

When we send you a governess, it is always with the assurance that you are getting nothing short of the best. They are the top talents in the market and will assure you of discreet and respectful interaction with your kids. Also, they are responsible, committed to their duties, hard-working, and safe to be left with kids of whatever age.

Skilled and Trained Workforce

London Governess boasts of the most extensive pool of skilled and essentially trained workforce. These are governesses who have undergone through the necessary education systems and acquired the required skills to offer the services of a governess.

The individuals also possess academic certificates, licenses, and other qualifications from the relevant bodies. Before we recruit them, we also ensure to thoroughly check those documents and their references to ensure you do not get short-changed by a candidate when they arrive in Baku.

Duties and Roles of a Governess

Whenever you have a governess at your home, too much help is already at your place. The governesses perform an array of services that include but not limited to:

  • Educating and tutoring your children in their home setup. Depending on the needs, they can take them through subjects such as the English language, Science, History, Art, and others per the need.
  • Supervising the children as they do their school assignments.
  • Promoting the children’s social and educational needs as well as their well-being.
  • Arranging for play dates, outings, indoor and mind games, and recreational visits to such places as historical places.
  • Teaching the kids basic etiquette, manners, and social formalities.
  • Teaching them extra-curricular activities such as playing musical instruments like the guitar. They can also teach them other activities like swimming and playing games to boost their physical and mental capabilities.

Other duties of a governess

Being English natives, you can trust on the governess to do much more than tutoring the kids. They can also help you and the kids in selecting the best UK schools if you are planning to shift to the UK education system.

The governess can also help in applying for schools, sending the applications, and school reporting. In addition, you can have a peace of mind every time you are needed in your kids’ school as the governess can step in for you. Trust them also to teach your children an extra language or two including French, German, Mandarin, Italian, and a bunch of others since we have bi and multi-lingual governesses.

Services You Can Trust

If you are planning to travel outside Baku, the governess comes in handy. You can leave her with the children alongside their nanny and be assured they will not halt their academics because you are not watching them. Even when you want to travel with them in our outside Baku, you can travel with the governess too and get the same services that you can trust.

The governess will be on standby while the family is out and keep the children engaged. To keep them active, they can take them to recreational centres, education and learning facilities, and still keep check of their academic progression.

Things to Do with Kids in Baku

When you need some time alone, and the kids won’t let you be, let the governess come to your rescue. With a bunch of beautiful parks in the city, they are not coming back to bother you to narrate some old stories when you need to relax.

Among the best parks in Baku city is the Nagorny Park, a park located at the top of the mountain. The kids will be amazed by the view of the city from the different viewing platforms, the picnic grounds, and cultural attractions.

The kids can also spend the day at the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan in Baku. The numismatic collections, art gallery, and museum exhibits might be of great interest to the kids as they explore what they learn in school


Our governesses are engaged on pre-approved terms. The working hours, accommodation, and meals are also subject to an initial agreement before they begin work.

The governess works typically from Monday to Friday. Each working day has between 8-12 hours but subject to individual requirements and agreements.


London Governess understands the hassle a working-class parent has to go through to ensure their kids get the best academic attention. It never gets easy for them to do it themselves and balance their family, love, and work lives. To make it easy for everyone, we sought to search for and place top talents in the name of governesses to help out. Talk to us today and get a qualified governess to take care of your kids’ educational needs.

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