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Hong Kong is a popular and vibrant place to live, and whether you are an expat family who have located from elsewhere, or a local family who are searching for a British influence to bring to the household, we have a range of high quality British governesses to help meet your growing needs.

Here at London Governess we understand that native, British governesses are a sough after commodity, and extremely popular across the globe. English is a language which transcends geography, and whether for use in the business world or when travelling to other destinations, a British influence in the household can help your child, or children, pick up the language much more easily, and more accurately.

What our British Governesses Can Offer You

Choosing the right British governess for your needs can be a difficult task, but we are able to take the hard work out of the situation, and match you with your ideal governess, no matter what your requirements. Whether you need a live in or live out governess, or a governess who can work on a full or part time basis, our governesses are flexible and are also able to travel with your family, helping to build a bond of trust and respect with your children.

Our vetting process is thorough and rigorous, so you do not need to worry about the backgrounds of any of our governesses. Our staff are highly trained, qualified to the highest level, and extremely trustworthy and professional. Our standards are reflected in our governesses, and this is something we take extremely seriously.

Our British governesses are:

  • Highly qualified in their field and have years of prior experience to call upon
  • Professional and have all passed a rigorous vetting process prior to signing with our agency
  • Have a natural flair with children, helping to build a trust and respect bond with the whole family
  • Able to travel with the family, and many of our governesses have experience of this in the past
  • Many of our governesses have worked with celebrities, royalty, and families of VIP standing in the past, and understand the importance of discreetness and confidentiality
  • Many of our governesses are able to follow several different school curriculums, including British and American, to name just two
  • Able to help with current education standards, as well as easily assessing strengths and weaknesses, informing you as necessarily and putting into place support systems to encourage your child’s learning development and milestones
  • Able to help you choose the correct schools for your child, as well as visiting and recommending various establishments, whilst preparing your child for their first step towards school education
  • Able to help your child learn and polish their English speaking skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and speech


All you need to do is inform us of your requirements and we can often match you with your idea British governess in as little as 48 hours. We take our responsibility of finding your perfect governess very seriously indeed and you can be assured of a highly quality governess arriving to help your child with their education and development.

Popular Family Places in Hong Kong, and Things to do

Our governesses are able to take your child/children out within the local area, to learn about the culture, and to visit the top spots for families and local attractions. Hong Kong is bustling with things to see and do, including Disneyland Hong Kong, the Star Ferry, Ocean Park, the Hong Kong Science Museum, Hong Kong Park, and the Big Buddha. By exploring the local area, with the safety net of your governess in tow, your children will be able to experience the traditions and culture of Hong Kong, first hand.

Of course, our governesses take safety extremely seriously, so you can rest assured that your children are safe whilst out and about with your governess looking after them.