What Are The Benefits of Hiring a British Governess in King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia)

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Saudi Arabia is a wonderful country, full of rich and diverse culture and history, a progressive attitude to business, and teeming with opportunities for ex-pats who choose to relocate due to work or simply for the wonderful weather! For many families, however, there is one sticking point – language difficulties. 

If you have recently moved to King Abdullah Economic City, you may be struggling with widely spoken Arabic. Perhaps you have learnt a little before you travel, but what about your child/children? In this case, many families choose to hire a British governess when moving to King Abdullah Economic City, to overcome language issues for children, and also to ensure a constant British presence, ensuring their level of spoken English remains high. 

Of course, it could also be that a Saudi Arabian family also want to hire a British governess, to help their child learn conversational English. English is one of the widest spoken languages on the planet, and is certainly the language of business on a global scale. Being able to speak fluent English can help a child overcome issues in the future and can set them up for success in their chosen career. 

Whatever your reason for choosing a British governess in King Abdullah Economic City, there are benefits at every corner. 

The main benefits are:

  • A constant British presence to help your child learn fluent, conversational English, whether English is their first or second language currently 
  • Our British governesses are highly experienced and qualified, having worked with many families of different origins across the globe
  • Many of our British governesses have experience of travelling with families in the past, ensuring that if you go on vacation or away on business trips, your child has a constant presence beside them, continuing their education and language skills without interruption 
  • Many of our British governesses have prior experience of working with VIPs, royalty, and families of high social standing, so fully understand the nuances of confidentiality and discretion at all times
  • Our British governesses have in-depth knowledge of the British school curriculum, helping your child to continue their education to the highest standard, without disruption 
  • The ability to teach your child a new culture, or to support your British child whilst traversing the world of a new culture in King Abdullah Economic City.

Of course, a governess is a wonderful addition to your family and someone who can help guide your child in terms of their personality traits, their independence, resilience, and someone who can accompany them to social gatherings, school, and other outings.

Whether your family is British in origin or you are looking for a British governess to help your child see a new culture and to learn the language in greater depth, a British governess is one of the best choices you can make.

Things to See For Children in King Abdullah Economic City

If you’re new to the area, the chances are that you will want your child to explore and take in their new surroundings. It may also be that you are unable to accompany them on their exploration, due to work or other commitments. Your British governess has prior knowledge of the area and is able to accompany your child whilst out and about. This ensures your peace of mind, knowing that your child is safe and supported whilst away from your side. 

A few highlights for children in King Abdullah Economic City are: 

  • Juman Park – Your child can explore in the fresh air at this huge outdoor park, packed with swimming pools, tennis courts, play areas, and even a splash zone. This is a great spot for family fun. 
  • Juman Go Karting – If your child loves action and adventure, they’re sure to love a day go-karting here! Spanning over 7000 square metres, this is a safe, fun, and action-packed day out for your child to enjoy. 
  • Juman Park – Overlooking the beautiful Red Sea, Juman Park has access to sandy beaches, a golf course, and plenty of space to run. The other plus point is that this is gated area, so it’s never too busy, and it’s always safe.
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