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At London Governess, you can get a helper for your kids’ educational needs in Knightsbridge. We have the right candidates to help your child academically and meet their educational needs. Meet our highly trained, skilled, and experienced London governesses and your worries will be long gone. We have the right match for your needs, and with the quality of care they provide for your children, you can never go wrong by trusting them.

We have an extensive database of qualified governesses. We supply them to our clients nationwide with our clients’ range growing by the day. Our clients, in this case, include high-end business people, artists, and royal families. With most of them being London based, we are always able to honour even tight schedules from our busy clients and have the governesses travel to Knightsbridge within the shortest time possible.

Highly Experienced and Keenly Vetted

Our London Governesses are the best in the market. They undergo our strict vetting procedures and those who are the best fit proceed to be enrolled and registered. We also ensure that they have the requisite academic qualifications as well as related field practice experience. As such, we can guarantee every client that their children will be in the best hands.

As for the required criteria, our candidates present proven background and qualifications in teaching. This requires them to have at least five years of solid teaching experience. They also have the ability to teach and interact with small children within their home setting, taking them for educational trips and excursions, and teaching them life skills. In addition, you can rest assured that even when an accident happens, your child will be in safe hands as our candidates are trained on how to administer first aid.

Perfect Support for Your Child

London Governess understands that you need the perfect support for your children. With our governesses, therefore, you can take your precious time out on that business vacation, attend meetings outside Knightsbridge, or work through your tight schedules without a worry about your most important people. You can rest assured that your children will be safe and secure and that their developmental and educational needs are under a professional.

Service at Your Doorstep

We have many London Governess to bring right to your doorstep. They have been working in Knightsbridge and would be willing to attend to your needs too. They can either work as live-in or out staff per the need but deliver the best services. For the live-in ones, you will be providing them with living and sleeping space as well as food. For the live-out ones, you can work out an agreed upon working schedule, but the ideal working schedules are eight hours a day.

Responsibilities of Our Governesses

Our governesses have gone through the UK education system. As such, they have the needed know-how regarding the system. With one of them, you can get a guarantee that your children will learn the UK English accent, if they speak a different language, fit into the United Kingdom education system seamlessly, and be in line with their new schoolmates on the curriculum. This is perfect for a family that just moved into Knightsbridge from a different country.

Our governesses are also tasked with other duties including school selection, helping with applications, school enrolment, and reporting. When your schedule does not allow, they will also represent you during any visits to your kids’ schools. After the children leave school, the governess will be on standby to help them with their assignments giving you some peace of mind and a chance to relax after work.

Other tasks include meeting the kids’ developmental needs. In this case, your child will need to learn extracurricular activities to help them with their development. These activities include learning and playing new games like swimming, playing musical instruments like the guitar and the piano, and various mind games.

Also, if you need your children to learn an additional language, the governess will do it. Most of them are bi or multilingual which puts them in the best position to help your children. If you need them to learn French, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Italian, or any other language, it will not be easy by having our personnel at your place.

Things to Do for Kids

We have extra services that you can get from our candidates. With breath-taking recreational facilities in Knightsbridge, you might need someone to take your children to enjoy themselves there while you attend to your daily or personal schedules. You can assign the governess that task to take them to, for example, the Harrods, Hyde Park, or the museums around Knightsbridge. The museums include the National History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Science Museum where your children can enjoy their day out without bothering you.

Other places to take the kids include the Wellington Arch, Harrods & Shopping, and the Apsley House. Kids will also be awed by a visit to the Brompton Oratory, the Royal Albert Hall for music and performing arts sessions and concerts.


Londoners live a busy life. It is all about moving up and down attending to businesses, executive meetings, or jobs with tight schedules. As such, most of them rarely have enough time to spend with their kids and help them with such needs as doing their homework and taking them out. With London Governess, however, this will soon be history to you. Since our main aim is to get you’re a helper to be with your children, you will never regret putting your trust in us. Talk to us today for a reliable London Governess in Knightsbridge.

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