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British Governess in Limassol, Cyprus

Welcome to London Governess, one of the best governess placing agency in the United Kingdom. We are the hope of the new era where parents have to balance between being at work, being home tutors for their kids, and bringing them up. For many years, we have been doing this perfectly and bridging the gap by placing qualified personnel as governesses to hundreds of clients from the UK to Limassol, Cyprus and other parts of the world.

Highly Trained and Qualified Governesses

To ensure we give our clients the best, we have ensured that we invest in the best. We do due diligence before hiring any candidate and make sure they pass through a thorough screening and vetting process. That way, we ensure we get only the best and most qualified candidates.

London Governess, as a result, boasts of the most extensive database of a highly trained, industry-fit, and experienced governess. Most of them have been governesses for decades serving different families from royal to VIP, politicians’, and celeb’s families. This puts them at the forefront of the best list of candidates.

Rigorous and Relevant Vetting

All our candidates are subjected to a thorough screening and interviewing process. We do not solely depend on the testimonials or documents that we receive from them to ascertain their past engagements. Rather, we go through all their academic and experience documentation, check their qualifications, as well as the licenses.

Before we conclude on hiring them, we also ensure to go through their references. The efforts pay significantly if we first talk to their referees to confirm the information they provide to us about their past duties. As such, the client is guaranteed of getting reliable and competent personnel to take care of their kid’s academic needs.

Duties/Roles of A Governess

The governesses we place to your place have varied skills as well as hands-on experience. Most of them have served clients in Limassol too and, therefore, understand even the education system in Limassol and Cyprus at large.

Among the services you expect from them are:

  • Nurturing the intellectual and social development of the kids.
  • Mentoring them on educational needs as well as ensuring they are competent.
  • Ensuring the kids are lively and active.
  • Planning and arranging for play dates, recreational, and educational trips.
  • Assisting the children with their homework and tutelage.
  • Taking them to the zoo, national parks, and creating an enjoyable and stimulating environment for the kids to gain confidence, self-independence, and other life skills.
  • Teaching the kids about manners, etiquette, personal grooming, culture, and discipline.
  • Promoting their cognitive development
  • Creating and involving the kids in extra-curricular activities like swimming, teaching them how to play musical instruments like the guitar, and playing mind games.
  • Teaching them additional languages like French, Mandarin, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Kindly note that a governess is not tasked with the general upbringing of the kids. It is, therefore, advisable that they work alongside a nanny.

The other duties of a governess include teaching the children about other education systems. If you are planning to relocate from Limassol to the UK or just shift the education system, you will have a reliable guide. The governess will help in scouting for the perfect school, selection, application, and enrolment, as well as reporting.

The governess can also take some relevant duties on your behalf. You will not need to be there always when the kids are sent to get their parents. The governess will stand in for you and represent you during school meetings, academic days, and such other invitations where a guardian or parent is required.

In addition, the governess can accompany the family while going for a vacation. Whether you are travelling outside or around Limassol, you can trust her to continue offering her services. She will ensure the kids do not miss out on the much-needed fun time and educational chances and activities.

Things to Do in Limassol with Kids

When you are home and want to spend time alone, the governess can take the kids out. With numerous kids’ fun places to visit, they can have the time of their life without bothering you as you enjoy your me-time alone.

Among the top and most populous places in Limassol is the municipal park. It is located in the city centre and can be accessed easily by private or public means. The kids can have a day out on the shady parkways, playgrounds, the open-air theatre, and wind up on the picnic and rest areas.

Another city landmark is the Limassol zoo. Kids are wowed by zoo life, and they would rather spend the day watching rare animal species than play with their neighbours. The rare animals include birds and reptiles. They can also feed, pat, and interact with the domestic animals at the mini-farm in the park.

Working Schedules and Terms of Engagement

The working schedule of a governess changes depending on several factors. Depending on the needs and requirements of the family, the hours can be adjusted but with prior agreement. All in all, the typical working hours are 8-10 for five days a week.

The governesses are engaged on pre-agreed terms. The employer ensures they get a separate sleeping place, preferably with an own bathroom. The employer also provides them with food.

The weekly rate of our governess ranges between £700 and £900 a week.


It is always the hope of London Governess that every kid gets the right educational attention. Since we understand it is not easy for parents to balance between work and being with the kids, we sought to step in and lift the gap. It is our trust that you will have a moment and get in touch with us for more engagements.

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