Looking For a Native English Speaking Governess in Mecca, Saudi Arabia?

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Saudi Arabia is one of the most common countries for expats to relocate to, with a huge range of work opportunities on offer. Moving to any country can be a challenge, but if you have children in tow, you need to make smarter, and more sensible decisions.

Many families want their children to learn English to native level, and whilst there are many English-speaking schools in Saudi Arabia, you might prefer your child to be immersed in the language at home too. In that case, a native English speaking governess is a perfect choice.

For those families who are living and working in Mecca, we have a range of English speaking governesses, to help your child continue to learn and be immersed in the English language, whilst still experiencing everything that the culture of Saudi Arabia offers.

Why Choose us?

We understand that choosing any professional to work within your family and with your children is a huge decision. You need to be sure that the person you opt for not only has the right qualifications and experience, but that they also have the right personality to fit in with your family, and to get along well with your child, or children. A bond of trust needs to be developed, but you need to have the right person in place from the start.

Our native English speaking governesses all have years of experience, as well as the right qualifications to put your mind at rest. We also put every single one of our governesses through a rigorous vetting process, to give you the ultimate peace of mind. We do that hard work in this regard, so you don’t have to even think about it.

Much of the time we are able to accommodate requests within as little as 48 hours, meaning that if you require a native English speaking governess in Mecca quickly, we can help you out. We’re also highly experienced in matching the right professional with the right family.

What Can a Native English Speaking Governess Offer You?

The decision to hire a native English speaking governess can be a difficult one, and you need to understand in detail what this type of childcare/educational professional can offer you.

Our native English speaking governesses can/will:

  • Offer child care to your child/children whilst you are away from the home
  • Educate your child to the UK curriculum level
  • Help your child to learn and develop their English skills
  • Many of our governesses can teach your child a sport or musical instrument
  • Teach your child personality and life skills, such as resilience, independence, and strength
  • Form a bond of trust with your child and become a confidant
  • Accompany your child to any specific engagements they need to attend, e.g. school functions or appointments
  • Monitor your child’s development and educational performance, highlighting to you any specific issues or problems
  • Help your child to hit their developmental milestones
  • Many of our governesses have prior experience of travelling with families and are able to do that for you, to ensure continuity of care for your child/children
  • Many of our governesses have prior experience of working with families of high social standing, VIPs, and royalty, and understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion
  • Can work either on a life in our basis, and have several working patterns to fit around your requirements

Choosing the right native English speaking governess will ensure that your child is cared for, educated, and supported at all times.

Family Friendly Activities/Things to do in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Your native English speaking governess in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is also able to take your child out to explore the surrounding area. You can rest assured that they are properly supervised and looked after whilst they are out and about, exploring the local culture and sights.

A few of the top family-friendly activities and things to do in Mecca, Saudi Arabia include:

  • Makkah Mall – This large mall has plenty of things to keep kids occupied for a few hours, with entertainment and dining, as well as shopping. There are playgrounds for children to enjoy, and when they get a little thirsty, there are many dining opportunities too.
  • Al Wahba Crater – Just northeast of the main city you will find this huge natural wonder, in the heart of the desert. The crater is almost a mile across and has many natural landscapes around it. This is a great place for children to learn about nature, and there are also camping opportunities too.
  • Silver Sands Beach, Jeddah – If you want to take the kids for a day out, Jeddah is only around one hour away by car, and there are many beaches there to enjoy. A good choice is Silver Sands Beach, which has plenty of space for running, as well as clear waters for swimming and snorkelling.
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