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London is a huge and busy city, and life is certainly never still. If you’re living in the Notting Hill area and on the lookout for a native English speaking governess to help educate and look after your child whilst you’re out working, we have a selection of professionals waiting to help you out.

Whatever your circumstances, whether you have a busy career, you have other commitments which makes it difficult to spend as much time at home as you would like to, or your child simply doesn’t fit with the regular schooling situation as well as other children, a native English speaking governess can be a fantastic addition to your household. Not only can you choose someone whom you get along with well, trust, and whom your child looks up to and respects, but you can also rest safe in the knowledge that your child is supervised by someone who has the relevant skills, knowledge, and background to suit the job.

For further peace of mind, all of our governesses have undergone a very rigorous vetting process prior to signing with our agency. We know that choosing a professional to look after your child in any guise is a huge responsibility, and we aim to make that easier for you by allowing you to choose between the best in the business. We are also able to pair you up with your ideal English speaking governess in as little as 48 hours, if need be.

What Our Native English Speaking Governesses in Notting Hill Can Offer You

All our native English speaking governesses have been educated in the UK, and many have lived and worked abroad also. This expands their experiences in life, which they are able to pass onto your child, and enhance their learning experience.

Our native English speaking governesses:

  • Have the relevant qualifications and considerable experience
  • Are able to work on several different basis’, including full time, part time, live in and live out
  • Support your child’s educational development, via their expert knowledge of the UK school curriculum, flagging up any issues with development in any area
  • Offer regular childcare to your child whilst you are away
  • Help to develop personality traits, such as independence, resilience, and confidence
  • Many of our governesses have the ability to teach other skills, such as a musical instrument or a language
  • Are able to administer basic first aid
  • Many of our governesses have prior experience of working with families of high social standing in the past, including royalty and VIPs, understanding discretion and confidentiality
  • Many of our governesses have travelled with families in the past
  • Have passed a rigorous vetting procedure and background checks

We understand how difficult a decision it is when you attempt to find someone to look after and support your child’s education and development. Let us make that easier, by taking the hard work away from you.

Family Things to See And Do in Notting Hill

Your native English speaking governess is able to take your child out to explore the area, enhancing their educational awareness, and helping them to develop cultural awareness too. Notting Hill and London overall are very historic areas, and your governess is able to help your child explore in a safe and controlled manner. You can rest assured that they are well looked after whilst out and about.

Some of the best spots to visit in and around Notting Hill include:

  • Go Ape Battersea Park – This is a huge outdoor play area with climbing ropes and frames for children to let loose and run off some steam. Ideal for meeting other children, socialising, and getting some exercise too.
  • Oxygen Free Jumping Acton – Another active adventure for children of all ages. Located in nearby Acton, Oxygen Free Jumping is full of trampolines and climbing frames for play and exercise.
  • Bay Sixty 6 – Located in Kensington, Bay Sixty 6 is a popular spot for skating and ice skating. Very busy during the weekends, but a great place for children to learn these two skills and also socialise with other children.
  • Kensington Memorial Park – This huge outdoor playground is ideal for families to visit on a sunny day. With a huge climbing frame and other playground equipment, there is also a cafe, plenty of room to run free, and a picnic area too.


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