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London Governess is your trusted and premier source of reliable, certified, and proven British governesses. We have been in this field for many years now offering the best bilingual and multilingual governesses to private households in the United Kingdom and across the globe. If you are in Paris and have been looking for such helpers, we have more than 750 highly trained and experienced personnel who are willing to come and work for you. This is your chance then to get your kids the UK education, UK English accent, or that additional language you have been pushing for.


We shall offer academically qualified individuals

Governesses are educationally qualified individuals employed by families to educate their kids in a private household setup. Ideally, they are for academic caregiving rather than the basic upbringing and London Governess has them ready to relocate to Paris for our international clients.


Focused attention on kid’s educational needs

Governess mainly focus on serving the educational needs of your school-aged children, teach, and tutor them on languages and other subjects. They also provide any other needed assistance with school work, exam preparations, UK English accent, school enrolment, and school reporting checklists. They also take your role whenever the need arises to travel with the kids while you are engaged somewhere else. So, if you have been searching for a better chance in Paris for your kids to acquire a UK education, it is time you scooped it.


Helping give your kids more focused attention

A governess also helps you give the kids more focused attention on their social development. When you are too busy attending to your other schedules, they can also assist in teaching them manners, basic etiquette as required in different situations, and the diverse cultural backgrounds. On top of that, your children will get coaching on how to play musical instruments like the piano, the guitar, and others. Also, they can learn an extra language as per the need.

Other duties include helping in researching the best UK schools and applications while still in Paris. However, it is worth noting that they are not responsible for the general upbringing of your children. They only focus on education and other related duties such as assisting with their homework.


Allows the parent to do more, for less

Employing a governess gives you a chance to do more while ensuring your children are in the right hands. More so, if you hire one from London Governess, you are assured of getting the best for your kids since we only give you the best. You will also have a chance of getting your children custom-tailored tuition. In addition, you can be assured that they will get personal security, the flexibility to travel to different places, and freely living in new places.

Ease of moving with kids without a worry

As for the parent, you get the benefit of moving with your kids without a worry that they will take much of your time or that they will feel lonely when you are attending meetings. With a governess, you can go on with your business meetings outside Paris as they visit learning institutions, libraries, recreational centres, and talent centres.


Enjoy professionalism, dedication, and commitment

Our governesses are the best when it comes to dedication and commitment. We have local and international ones ensuring every client, wherever they are, is served. All of them are formally qualified with the requisite educational qualifications. They also have years of experience, each with five years and above on childcare and child education. Their teaching skills and qualifications are from recognised institutions, proof that they are people you can highly depend on.

The other benefit is that your children get more than what they get from a classroom setup. They get to learn an extra language or more including Russian, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Also, if there are any special skills you have always wanted them to learn or any sporting activity like swimming, tennis, or football, you can now be sure they will learn all that.


Friendly terms of engagements

The working hours of our governesses are agreed on prior to engagement. If we send international governesses to Paris, the client needs to provide food, living, and sleeping space for them. For permanent or full-time placements, they will typically work for five days a week with a 1o-hour spread-out day. Often, they’ll need to work alongside a nanny for the general caretaking duties. If it is possible and as per your needs, you can also engage one on a temporary basis to work for some agreed upon hours depending on your requirements.



London Governess hopes that everyone gets a reliable tutor for their school-age kids. If you need one anywhere in Paris, we shall arrange, filter the ones that will fit your requirements, and sent their documents to you for review and interview them yourself.

Usually, a governess offers educational and academic assistance. Therefore, you should plan for them to work alongside a nanny to take care of unforeseen general occurrences. If your children have a history, for example, a medical one, the governess cannot undertake the duties of taking them to the hospital.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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