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Are you a Riyadh resident and would love your kids to learn the UK English language? If yes, we have a solution for you with our UK native governess program. Having been born, brought up, and educated here in Britain, they can help your children master the English language and acquire the UK education if that is your desire. Some are Muslim and will, therefore, interact and fit well with your children.

We provide qualified governesses for everyone’s needs. Be it for a short or long while, you can rest assured that your children will have a qualified teacher for their educational needs. The personnel we assign you undergo careful scanning. Once we ensure they pass all our screening tests, we pass them over to you with a guarantee that we are giving you the best.


What to expect from our experienced educational caregivers

A governess is a trained and experienced educational caregiver. They will help your children progress academically, develop good manners, and acquire life skills. They will also help them with UK school registration, enrolment, and the UK English accent even while in Riyadh. We have governesses from most countries in the world. Therefore, we can also give you one with Saudi origin and who is knowledgeable enough about other languages your kids might be using.


What are the other duties of a governess?

The governess will also be tasked with any additional duty you might run a need for. Such other duties include teaching your kids proper etiquette and manners to ensure they fit in their new environment if they move from Riyadh to the United Kingdom. The staff will be educating your children from home, and here, you can rest assured we shall give you certified personnel with the requisite qualifications. In addition, your kids will also have the chance of developing their social skills from a qualified and competent expert.


What Makes Our Governesses A Perfect Match?

Our governesses undergo thorough screening. As such, we make sure we get only the best and who have attained the highest possible educational qualifications. They also must have teaching backgrounds plus a higher education in childcare with at least five years of teaching and childcare experience.


Naturally good with children

Our governesses are also naturally good with children. With the skills they possess from years of hands-on experience working with children, you can never go wrong by trusting them. They exercise the highest levels of responsibility and integrity in that they can also travel with your kids when you are not around.

Also, with the ability to instil critical attributes like courage, self-reliance, independence, and helping kids develop their personalities, the children will be in safe hands. Add qualities such as being team players and suitable roles models and your kids will have someone dependable to look up to.

British, but Bi or Multilingual

In addition, most of our governesses have masterly of more than one language. They can be either bilingual or multilingual giving your children the advantage of learning an additional language. From the extensive database we hold, you will also find a right fit if you want someone who can teach your kids how to play musical instruments like the guitar. They will also be able to teach them one or more sporting skills including tennis, swimming, and any other special skills.


What Kind of Governess Can I Take?

Our database has vast choices for you to choose from. You will enjoy the most extensive selection from bilingual to multilingual governesses and native English-speaking ones. The multilingual ones can speak different languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, German, or French. Apart from local personnel, we also have overseas based governesses who offer international services. With clients coming from different countries, we have made it possible for everyone to get their desires no matter their region.

If you are not sure who fits your needs, we shall gladly help you out. Our experts have already screened the candidates. Therefore, it will be easier to match you with the ones we are sure will fit your needs. We shall listen to your requirements carefully and give you the most suitable candidates. With their curriculum vitae and other details sent to you, you can filter them, interview each one of them, and settle for the best while still in Riyadh.



The primary aim of London Governess is to get you a helper when you need one most. You do not need to leave your kids behind because you are travelling to Riyadh as you fear they might face language barriers. Our expert governesses will help you take care of the kids, take them through academic honing, and ensure they fit in the new setting.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463