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At such an era where parents have to try and balance between parenting and meeting the family’s needs, services of governesses are in high demand. A parent has to work, attend to some other engagements, and ensure the family is intact. In that line, they must ensure that their kids are getting the right education attention even when they are away from Singapore or in a far-off locality but still in Singapore.

That is where London Governess comes in. We are the leading British governess agency with reliable and highly trained governesses. With them at your services, you will always be assured that your kids get the necessary academic assistance when they need it.

Who is A Governess?

A governess is a professional who is qualified and experienced to teach children. With a governess at your home, you will be guaranteed of having a professional who is educating your kids in the best home setup. You will also be assured that they are getting personalized and uninterrupted attention.

Highly Trained and Skilled Personnel

What makes London Governess the most sought-after governess agency in Singapore is our reputation. We are trusted and verified as a leading source of highly trained and skilled governesses who have worked for different families and in varied setups.

Our governesses have served many VIP, politicians, and celebs’ families for years now. We also boast of the most extensive database of the personnel with over 750 registered individuals willing to relocate to Singapore to offer their services at the client’s convenience.

The governesses we place to our clients possess a wealth of skills and hands-on industrial experience. Most of them have also been teachers in their respective capacities in the past. Also, a good number of them have worked in Singapore in the past. This is proof enough that they are well-versed with the cultural, social, and educational practices in Singapore and your kids will be in the best hands.

Tasks and Responsibilities of a Governess

The roles of a governess include:

  • Meeting the kids’ additional educational needs, mentoring them, and ensuring they are competent enough.
  • Nurturing their intellectual as well as social development.
  • Keeping the children lively and active with physical and mind games for physical and emotional development.
  • Impacting discipline, etiquette, manners, cultural, and personal grooming traits on the kids.
  • Assisting the kids with their homework as well as being their tutor past school time.
  • Promoting the kids’ cognitive development.
  • Planning and arranging for educational trips and play dates.
  • Teaching them extra languages like French, German, and Italian. The governess will also teach them extra-curricular activities like swimming, playing musical instruments like the guitar, and taking them for music lessons.
  • Using their skills, knowledge, and expertise to help the children realize their potential and exploit their talents.
  • Creating a conducive, enjoyable, and stimulating environment for them to grow personal skills like confidence and self-independence.
  • Taking the children out to recreational centres, zoos, museums, and national parks.
  • Helping with school selection, application, and reporting. The governess will also be stepping in for you when your kids’ school requires you to attend a function, but your schedules cannot allow you to.

Things to Do with Kids in Singapore

Singapore, being an expansive country has so much to offer for kids. The governess can take the kids out to such recreational facilities as the Universal Studios. The studios have 24 rides designed for every Singaporean to enjoy their day out. The amusement park also has highlights including riding on artificial Transformers as well as The Mummy rollercoaster. The kids can for sure have a day out with movie magic in every move.

The children can also get to marvel at the Gardens by the Bay inspirations. This is one place the governess will purpose to take them and enjoy the out-of-the-world structures that are spread out across the Marina Bay. The garden makes for a greater amusement park, and when the night comes, it turns out into a spectacle of light for children of all ages to ogle at.

Thorough Vetting and Screening Process

Our governesses undergo a through and rigorous vetting process before we register them. During the process, they have to fulfil all our interview requirements and also prove to us why they are qualified. In addition, they are sure to present evidence of their past engagements as well as proof of their academic qualifications.

Before they get passed, we also do thorough background checks on each one of them. We do this by checking with all their references and ensuring we get matching information with what they gave us regarding their past places of employment. With that, you are assured of getting carefully selected and highly qualified candidates.

Bi-lingual and Multi-Lingual

If you are searching for a mix of languages, our candidates are your best match. Most of them are bi-lingual and others multi-lingual with a mastery of more than the British English. Some of them have a mastery of Italian, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, US English, and other languages common in Singapore.


London Governess hopes that every parent gets their kids the best education plan. As such, we strive to make this happen by placing the right candidates as governesses in their homes. We do this in a move to ensure you can have ample time to attend to your official duties, personal responsibilities, and also be with your family. If you live in Singapore and are looking for the best candidate for that role, then London Governess is the team to consult.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463