Hiring a British Governess in Tel Aviv

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For many expat families and locals, Tel Aviv is the ideal spot for work and play. Full of interesting sights to explore, history a stone’s throw away, and all on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is a wonderful choice for relocation. 

If you have chosen to do exactly that and you a child, or maybe more than one child, in tow, then you’ll want to be sure that you’re moving somewhere which has adequate and useful childcare facilities. Of course, you can choose local options if you please, but there are many advantages to hiring a British governess in Tel Aviv, and reaping the benefits of a native English speaker for your child to learn from.

Why Hire a British Governess in Tel Aviv?

Your reasons for choosing a British governess in Tel Aviv are obviously personal to you and your family, and it depends on whether you are native English speakers yourself, i.e. you’ve moved to Tel Aviv for work or general relocation, or whether you’re locals who want to give your child(ren) a head start in learning to speak English conversationally. 

Whilst English is not the most spoken language on the planet, it is only second to Mandarin. Most would agree that English is the international language of choice for most businesses and countries overall. Learning to speak English fluently will open doors, not only in work and business, but also in terms of travel and possible migration in the future. Helping your child to learn fluent English is certainly best done in an immersive environment, and that means choosing a native English speaking governess to work with your child in the home.

Of course, it could be that your child already speaks English and you’ve moved to Tel Aviv for a personal reason. In that case, you might want to ensure that your child keeps ties with their native country, and having a native English speaking governess working with your child is the ideal way to do just that. 

A British governess also has up to date knowledge of the UK school curriculum, helping your child to be educated in line with UK standards. If your child is going to an international school, of course their lessons will be in English, but they will also be surrounded by Hebrew on a daily basis. Having a British governess instead will help them to remain close to their native language and help their knowledge to continue growing as they learn and mature.

There is also the fact that a British governess is able to help your child learn vital personality skills during their time working together. The famous British ‘stiff upper lip’ is something which has seen many people through tough times, and can also be extremely beneficial in business dealings. Helping your child to develop independence, resilience, respect, and confidence is a vital part of their growth, and your British governess can help them to do just that.

Overall, a British governess will/can:

  • Support your child’s learning milestones and ensure they meet and exceed 
  • Teach your child in line with UK standards, with an up to date working knowledge of the UK school curriculum
  • Work on varying basis’, e.g. part time, full time, live in, live out
  • Travel with your family if needs be, e.g. on vacations, to ensure a continuity of care 
  • Accompany your child to social gatherings and school engagements
  • Help your child to develop and continue with their English language skills
  • Support your child in developing key personality traits, such as independence and resilience 
  • Teach your child a musical instrument, a new sport, etc
  • Has a strong local knowledge of the Tel Aviv area, including customs and traditions, which they can help teach your child about 

Opting for a British governess also gives you total peace of mind that your child is not only looked after whilst you’re away from the home, but also supported and encouraged to reach for their potential and exceed it. Your child is also then able to build up a bond of trust with their governess, ensuring they have someone to confide in and someone to lean upon, during difficult times.

Why Choose Us?

Here at London Governess we have a range of British governesses waiting for your call. We’re usually able to match you up with your ideal British governess in Tel Aviv within a short amount of time, often as little as 48 hours. Our governesses all go through a rigorous vetting process before signing with our agency, so you can be 100% sure that you’re choosing someone who is right for the role, and someone who is highly experienced and completely trustworthy to look after and support your child. 

  • We can match you up with your ideal British governess in Tel Aviv at short notice
  • Our governesses are all highly experienced and possess the most up to date qualifications 
  • Many of our governess have experience of working overseas and working with families of high social standing, e.g. royalty and VIPs, therefore understanding the importance of discretion and confidentiality 
  • Our governesses have all gone through a rigorous vetting procedure prior to signing with our agency 
  • Our governesses have an up to date knowledge of the UK school curriculum helping your child to be educated to the highest standards
  • Our British governess are all native English speakers

We are with you every step of the way, helping you to find your ideal British nanny in Tel Aviv. 

Things to do For Families in Tel Aviv 

Our British governess will be able to take your child out and about, exploring Tel Aviv in the safest possible way. A few top attractions to visit in the area are: 

  • Ramat Gan Safari Park – Children will love getting up close and personal with elephants and viewing the lions and gorillas. This is a great day out for all the family and one which will help your child to understand and learn about nature first hand. 
  • Gordon And Frischman Beaches – A day out at the beach, with plenty of space to run is a must do for children to enjoy!
  • Meymadion Water Park – Perfect for cooling down in the summer heat, this huge water park is the largest in the country and full of water slides, entertainment and sporting fun.
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