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Have you recently moved to Wandsworth, or you’re simply looking for extra support within the area? If so, we can help pair you up with your ideal governess or nanny for your needs, all within just 48 hours!

London Governess prides itself on a range of nannies and governesses who are able to support and educate your child at the highest level. We have many staff who work and live within the Wandsworth area, not only allowing them to pass on local knowledge, but also giving you quick and easy cover when you need it the most. You can therefore rest safe in the knowledge that whilst you’re away from home, your child is supported, looked after, and happy.

Why Choose us?

We have years of quality experience in the childcare and education field, meaning that you can be sure of the best professionals to fit your needs. We have nannies and governesses within your local area who have years of experience in teaching and childcare, proven qualifications, and a background of travel and languages in many cases. We also vet any professional who wants to sign onto our books very carefully, including background checks, criminal record checks, qualification checks, and looking closely into their history. All of this gives you the extra peace of mind you deserve, when it comes to the care and wellbeing of your child.

Once you let us know your requirements, we are able to pair you up with your chosen nanny or governess within just 48 hours. Many of our staff are able to travel with families, and have past experience of doing so, meaning that your child can continue to develop a close bond with your chosen professional whilst away on vacation, and that they can also continue their education without breaks.

Our nannies and governesses are truly the cream of the crop; many speak more than one language, have special skills, e.g. instruments and languages which they can teach your child, and many have prior experience of working with and travelling with families of high social standing, VIP families, and even royalty.

Are You Looking For a Wandsworth Governess?

We have several governesses who work within your local area, meaning you can be paired up with your ideal choice quickly and smoothly. Every single one of our governesses is trained to the highest possible standard, allowing you the peace of mind that your child’s education is supported and encouraged whilst you are away. Our governesses also work in line with the current UK national curriculum, taught in regular schools.

All of our governesses have the following attributes:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in teaching
  • Relevant qualifications
  • The ability to teach your child within your home, and to take them out on educational trips, to enhance their learning
  • The ability to support your child’s social and personal development, including teaching etiquette, manners, independence, personal strength, and courage
  • Several of our governesses are able to speak more than one language
  • Several of our governesses are able to teach your child special skills, e.g. playing an instrument or sport, learning to swim, etc
  • Many have experience of travelling with families previously
  • The ability to administer first aid confidently, if required

Are you Looking for a Wandsworth Nanny?

For families within the Wandsworth area who have younger children or babies, we have a range of local nannies who can help you with your childcare and support needs. Every single one of our nannies has a proven background of childcare, as well as the highest possible, proven qualifications within the field. Our nannies are also able to work on a live in or live out basis, and many work full or part time hours, depending upon your requirements. Simply let us now what you need!

Our nannies within the Wandsworth area have the following attributes:

  • Years of experience in the childcare field, with accredited qualifications
  • The ability to support your child’s developmental milestones, as well as basic needs, such as feeding, sleeping, routines, play times, and feeding
  • Can confidently take your child out on educational play trips, or transport them to play dates with other families
  • The ability to administer first aid confidently, if required
  • Will keep you updated with your child’s development, update records, and inform you of any concerns

What do Children Enjoy in Wandsworth?

Whether you’re new to the area or not, you might not have had the time to explore what is on offer for children. Our nannies and governesses in the local Wandsworth area have a wealth of local experience, making them the ideal person to help your child get to know what is around them.

Wandsworth is close to many top attractions, including Battersea Park and Children’s Zoo, Clapham Common, King George’s Park, and Wimbledon Common. There are also many playgrounds, cinemas, and shops to explore too. Our staff can happily take your child out exploring, and highlight the areas of educational importance, whilst having fun.

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