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As a new parent, it is usually exciting yet overwhelming to welcome a new-born into your life. Whether you are a first-time parent or have other kids, it is always bound to take you by surprise and wear you out. Entering a panic mode is not new for most parents, and if you are one of them, you no doubt need to hire a maternity nurse. The task of getting one is a demanding one though. However, with London Governess, your search just got concluded as we have the best maternity nurses willing to travel to Abu Dhabi and work there.

Since the Middle East is a popular destination for most people, you can depend on us to get you a reliable candidate within the shortest time possible. Most of them are willing to travel and work in Abu Dhabi, and with that, we are sure our clients will get a reprieve.

Top Talent and Skilled Personnel

London Governess is known to provide nothing short of the best. We have been on the frontline for many years sending highly qualified British maternity nurses to our clients across the United Kingdom and abroad. With their many years of experience, you will never go wrong when you choose to trust them.

The maternity nurses we have registered are top talent. They have interacted with new-borns for long enough to master every needful skill. As a result, they are the best fit to advise you on the best parenting practices for a new mother. They will also help you come up with proper feeding, bathing, and sleeping patterns for you and the baby.

Benefits of Hiring a British Maternity Nurse

A British maternity nurse is not your ordinary nurse. She is a skilled professional who has undergone the requisite training and acquired the certifications required by the law. She will help you with the general caregiving of the baby. She will also be helping you with sterilising and making the bottles, breastfeeding, cleaning, and putting the baby to sleep.

The nurse will also be helping with tidying the baby’s room and belongings, doing their laundry, or supervising it. As they are live-in in most cases, she will be on standby to help at night. Such help comes in handy when you need to catch some sleep, but the baby will not let you.

Reputable Maternities in Abu Dhabi

The maternity nurse would also be of help in locating the best maternity hospitals in Abu Dhabi. There are several highly reputable ones that they can gather information about. It will be easy, for instance, to know if hospitals like Al Noor and Corniche have empty beds or the services you desire.

Baby and Pram Shops in Abu Dhabi

If you need to buy baby clothes or play items, there are plenty of them and the maternity nurse can help locate them. With shops like Mamas & Papas that sells amazing boys’ and girls’ outfits and travel packs, Baby Shop, and Mothercare for all kid’s and baby items, your experience will be a smooth one.

They can also do scouting for the best pram shops or check out the likes of Carrefour UAE or JustKidding UAE. Such stores also offer things like baby sleeping bags, baby blankets, baby carriers and wraps, strollers, and travel costs.

Tips to Consider While Looking for in a Maternity Nurse

Although all our British nurses are qualified to work for any client, each client has specific needs and terms. Our candidates have served royal, artists, and VIP families but each presents different requirements. Due to that, we always encourage our clients to look for the one that meets their exact specifications. This includes making a list of the qualities you are looking for, the personality you desire, and traits. It is also advisable to state your expectations to the candidates and us beforehand to ensure you get the finest. Letting us know the key characteristics will help us filter the best for your review.

Terms of Employment

We usually have live-in and live-out nurses. However, the live-in is most preferred in most of the cases since the parents need her most at night. This means the employer must provide a separate space for the nurse to sleep as well as accommodation. She will also need a separate bathroom if possible.

The nurses are on duty most of the time for six days a week. This is a tight schedule for them which in return requires you to ensure they have sufficient resting and sleeping time. This will make sure they are always sober and safe to be with your baby. Also, do not expect the maternity nurse to perform any other duties like cooking for your family or taking care of the grown-up children.


Everyone desires to give their baby the best. Especially for a new-born child, it is not easy trying to be the best for them and live your life normally. To ensure you have a balance of the two, London Governess set up the provision for maternity nurses and have hundreds of them willing to relocate and work in Abu Dhabi. It is, therefore, a wakeup call for you to contact us and get yourself a reliable helper with your new-born.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463