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Finding a childcare professional is not an easy task, and when it comes to someone to look after your precious newborn child or very young infant, the task becomes harder still.

The reality is that many families need extra support, either due to working and home life situations which means they cannot be present as much as they would like to be, or because they need extra support in the house due to having more than one child, or a generally busy lifestyle/medical needs. In this case, a maternity nurse is an ideal option.

Here at London Governess, we appreciate that finding the perfect maternity nurse for your needs is vital. Not only do you need to trust and get along with this person, but they need to be highly experienced and qualified, so you feel completely at ease with them looking after your precious newborn or infant.

We have many native British maternity nurses in the Chelsea area, who are highly trained and highly experienced in all aspects of maternity care. You can rest assured that our staff have all passed a very rigorous background check and interview, and that they are the best of the best overall.

How Can a Native British Maternity Nurse in Chelsea Help You?

Living in London is a busy task. As such, you need a maternity nurse who knows the area well, and who can take your child out to the various places they need to go, e.g. clinics, hospitals, shops, parks and do so with confidence and ease. Our native British nannies within the Chelsea area know this part of London like the back of their hands!

Our native British maternity nurses:


  • Are highly trained and hold the relevant qualifications
  • Have years of experience in caring for newborns and infants
  • Have passed a rigorous vetting process
  • Are often available at short notice. We can pair you up with your ideal maternity nurse within 48 hours
  • Are available within the Chelsea district and know the area very well
  • Many of our maternity nurses have prior experience of travelling with families, to reduce any disruption to your child’s regular routine
  • Are able to work on many different basis’, including live in and out, part time or full time
  • Can help you to implement a sleeping routine, to allow you to have a better night’s sleep
  • Can support your child’s daily routine tasks, such as feeding, changing, dressing, playing, bathing
  • Will assess your child’s developmental milestones and alert you to any concerns
  • Will support your child’s developmental milestones, and help to enhance their progress with the use of colours, sounds, and early years play
  • Can administer medication and basic first aid
  • Are able to take your child to social gatherings and doctor’s appointments in your absence


Things to See And Do For Children and Families in Chelsea


Your native British maternity nurse in Chelsea is able to take your child out and about to explore the area, and therefore helping to bring along their overall development much faster. Being aware of their surroundings and being stimulated by noise, colours, and sights will help your child to learn. There are no worries in terms of safety, as your child will be with your maternity nurse, with whom you have developed a bond of trust.


Some top things to see and do in and around the Chelsea area include:


  • Battersea Park Children’s Zoo – The perfect day out for children of all ages, Battersea Park Children’s Zoo will show your child monkeys, donkeys, chipmunks, meerkats, and all manner of other cuddly wild animals. There is also a Reptile House with turtles and snakes. There is a picnic area, so you can take your child out for some fresh air in the sunshine, or there is a restaurant on site too.
  • Hyde Park – At just over a mile from Chelsea, you’ll find London’s most famous park. With plenty fo space to run, fresh air, flowers, tree, a huge boating lake, and playgrounds to enjoy, this is the ideal way for children to run off some steam, and for smaller children to have their senses stimulated by the colours, sounds, and general ambiance of being outdoors.
  • Hamley’s – The famous toy store is the ultimate kids day out! There are activities, games, and those amazing window displays to gaze upon, but of course, it’s best if you take some extra cash along to spend as the toys are out of this world.
  • Princess Diana Memorial Playground – A great place to enjoy some fresh air, as well as countless play areas for children of all ages. There is even a small playground for very small children. There is even a huge pirate ship with its own beach, which kids will adore.


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