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Hiring a maternity nurse for your new-born kids is not an indulgent or luxury convenience. It is a necessity either for first-time parents or those who have several children. Deciding to hire one means you are making a profoundly personal decision, and as such, it requires you to do due diligence on whom you are engaging. As it is a decision that will determine whom you are leaving your most precious people with, it means you should take a lot of care to ensure you make the right choice. To help you with that though, London Governess makes it easy with our experienced British maternity nurses arrangement for our clients in Paris.

As a global maternity nurse agency, we understand parents’ needs. As such, we specialize in getting our clients the best candidates that we have vetted carefully. With nurses from many nationalities, we are sure you can choose what fits your specific needs while at the same time serving them.

Extensive Database

London Governess has an extensive database of highly qualified and experience British maternity nurses. They all undergo strict vetting processes to ensure we give nothing but the best. This is informed by our realization that your little ones need to be in the best and most caring hands. Talk to us today, explain your situation to us, and relax. We shall send you our candidates’ documents, review them, and once you settle for one, they will be soon on their way to wherever you are in Paris.

Hands-on Extensive Experience

Our British maternity nurses are highly trained nannies. They also bring to the table years of hands-on experience with new-born babies. These traits put them as the most qualified ones to send anywhere in the world, including Paris.

To ensure you and your baby are on the safe side, our team ensures you only get what you deserve. They have valid references and warm, respective, and motherly personalities. On top of that, while vetting them, we ensure to go through sessions with them verifying their experience and working history. We also take our time to verify their references and that they complete a full CRB.

British Maternity Nurse Duties

Before we send the nurse to Paris, we make sure you understand our terms of engagement. We also ensure you know their duties and the benefits of hiring our nurses beforehand. Their responsibilities include ensuring the baby is safe all the times, teaching the mother the necessary hygiene practices, and ensuring all bottles are sterilised. They also have to make it easier in establishing routine feeding schedules which include breastfeeding. Also, the nurses help mothers overcome motherhood challenges such as bonding and night-time feeding.

Maternity Nurses for New-borns

With a British maternity nurse at your Paris home, you will have a peace of mind knowing your little one is in the hands of a trained professional. Since at such an age they sleep a lot, you can rest assured they will have someone to help them transition to sleeping. Since they are experts in that field, they can recognize common signs of common ailments. They can also offer advice on how to address such issues.

Maternity Nurse for Twins and Triplets

Whether you need a British maternity nurse for twins or triplets, we shall make your wishes come true. We shall get you such a nurse who can fit into the role seamlessly. Since it is overwhelming to welcome more than one baby at a go, you will have a helper when you highly need one. They can also help during that time you need to take the babies to a hospital in a different locality from yours, whether in or out of Paris.

Work Shifts and Fees

Our British maternity nurses cost a figure between £700 – £900 per week. This is the standard fee for a 24-hour service in the case of a single baby care. If you have more than one baby, the cost is between £900 – £1500 per week. The terms of engagement ensure you get their services and assistance around the clock. While some work for 24 hours, you can have arrangements for 8-hour shifts if you need a live-out arrangement. If you need a live-in maternity nurse, you will need to provide them with living and sleeping space as well as food.


Welcoming new-borns is a fantastic experience. If it is a case of multiple babies, it will be an overwhelming experience for you. However, with our British maternity nurses, you can rest assured the burden will have someone to share with. Engage us today, and within no time, you will have a nurse in your Paris home to help you out.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463