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Engaging a professional nanny for your kids is the best idea you will ever make. It is the first great step to ensure your toddlers, and kids get personalized care, whether you are in or out of Amman. It also ensures that your kids get someone as caring as you to take care of their developmental needs at their most deserving stages.

At London Governess, we have over 850 registered personnel with invaluable skills and experience in this field. Some of them have Jordan roots but born and brought up in Britain. If you are, therefore, looking for a native British English speaker to work for you in Amman, we are your agency. We shall get you a fitting match with the right skills that your family needs.

Who is A Nanny?

A nanny is an individual who is employed to offer child care within a family’s setting. Hiring such an individual needs you to take a focused step since you are looking for someone to offer your kids services closely similar to the way you’d do it.

The nanny is also fully invested in the kid’s development and well-being, becoming part of the family and bonding with the children in more ways than the parents would do. However, they do not take over your role as a parent.

Duties of A Nanny

The first thing one should be aware of is that a nanny is not a regular caregiver. They are educated, and highly skilled professional individuals who come in to fill the void left when parents are heavily engaged in their work lives. They give the kids under them the attention a parent would offer them when with them.

A nanny attends to all nursery duties. Nursery duties, in this case, mean everything that touches on a child’s care, age-appropriate language teaching, as well as educational activities. The tasks include:

  • Helping prepare and supervising the kid’s meals.
  • Doing and supervising children’s laundry and ironing
  • Keeping the kids active, engaged, and lively in such activities as indoor, outdoor, and mind games.
  • Feeding and bathing the children.
  • Dressing and undressing or helping them do it.
  • Dropping them off to school and waiting for them in the evening.
  • Using their skills and knowledge to further the kid’s development.
  • Supervising them as they tidy up their belongings, clean up their rooms, and do their homework.
  • Organising and taking the kids for play dates.

Places to Visit with Kids in Amman

Apart from the nursery duties at home, a nanny can take your kids out whenever necessary. With Amman being among the most preferred vacation areas in Jordan, your kids can have a great day out while they give you the free space you need to reflect alone.

Among the places they can visit in Amman is the Children’s Museum Jordan. This is 8000 metres squared Amman masterpiece with over 180 outdoor and indoor permanent and interactive exhibits. It also has great education spaces including the Art Studio, the Library, the Secret Garden, and the Tinker Lab. Whichever time of the year, the kids can enjoy celebration shows, educational programs, and even go out camping there.

The nanny can also take them out to the Haya Cultural Center. This is regarded as one of Amman’s safest spaces for children to play and uncover their artistic talents and potentials. It is also a great space to spend with them and let them achieve personal growth through different quality, custom structured, and deliberate cultural and arts education programs. In the end, they can visit an attached park with play structures before heading back home.

Extra-Curricular Activities

To top it up, a nanny is the best source of motivation when it comes to extra-curricular activities. Since most of them are professionals who have worked in the industry for decades, they are well-versed with development positive activities for any child.

Therefore, they can help them learn new things and keep fit by engaging in extra-curricular activities. These include learning new games like swimming. They can also engage the kids in learning how to play musical instruments like the guitar or accompany them to music lessons.

Bi-Lingual and Multi-Lingual

Some of our nannies are bi-lingual while others are multi-lingual. They not only speak the British English fluently, but they also have a mastery of other languages. Therefore, if you need someone who can teach your kids an extra language like French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Italian, or the British English accent, our nannies will be your best match.

Categories of Nanny

Our nanny categories are mainly three:

  1. A live-in nanny who lives with the family in the same compound and offers their services throughout their stay. For this nanny, the working hours can be negotiated but must be agreed upon prior. Also, the employer ensures they get meals and separate living and sleeping spaces.
  2. A live-out nanny. This is a nanny who offers her services over a set of agreed-on time. They might be only coming in the morning and leaving in the evening but offer the services of a live-in nanny.
  3. A night nanny. This is a category that has grown in popularity in recent years. This is a great companion for parents with newborns and helps in designing better sleeping hours for both the parents and the newborns.


With an ever-changing world, parents are finding it harder to offer full attention to their kids. With tight schedules and the need to earn a living for the family, a parent would want to get a better way of balancing their family and working lives without losing it on either side. Therefore, they get the services of a nanny, which takes the burden off their shoulders. SO, are you looking for a reliable nanny too? Get our nanny specialists too and have your peace of mind back, go about your daily chores, and come back to your kids later without a worry about their safety and well-being.


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