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Have you been looking for a reliable nanny to take care of your kids in Astana, Kazakhstan to no avail? If so, relax and talk to us. We are London Governess, the premier nanny agency in the United Kingdom with hundreds of clients in Astana and across the globe.

For many years, we have successfully place nannies to our different clients in different cities. Astana being one of the favourite destinations for our nannies, we have gained a huge following since our clients get to enjoy our services greatly. You can also be among the satisfied clients by contacting us today for a reliable and competent nanny.

Meaning of Nanny

A nanny is an individual tasked with the responsibility of taking care of young children from their home. The nanny is basically trained in child development and presents skills and experience on the same for them to be placed into a client’s home. They are technically there for you when other duties do not allow you to meet your kids’ social, physical, educational, and emotional needs.

A nanny is tasked with all the tasks related to the care of a child. As such, they are expected to serve as nurturing, caring, loving, and trustworthy companions to the kids at their home. Since most families in Astana have been seeking native English-speaking nannies, London Governess set out to make the difference by providing the top talent candidates to different clients.

Duties and Responsibilities of Nannies

A nanny has the responsibility of taking care of kids. Their duties include:

  • Working in partnership with the employing family to offer care and educational development for their children. The kids are mainly from birth to around eight years.
  • Meeting the physical needs of the kids including feeding, dressing, and undressing, bathing, taking them to sleep and waking them up. They also escort them to school and pick them up after school.
  • Light household duties like doing the kids’ laundry or observing the laundry people washing them. They can also prepare nutritional meals for the children, supervise them organize their rooms, or help them cleaning and organizing their belongings.
  • Planning and organizing stimulating age-appropriate activities and play dates.
  • Ensuring the kids are lively and active. This can be done by taking them to recreational facilities, fun places, and zoos.
  • Teaching them basic social, cultural, reading, as well as writing skills to older children.
  • Assisting with homework or observing the children do it.
  • Accompanying the kids to music and dance lessons if any.

Fun Activities for Kids in Astana

When you need some peace of mind, the nanny can take the kids out and give you space. They can start with scaling the Museum of the Armed Forces. Here, they can enjoy the amazing showcases the yurt-shaped museum has to offer. There are exhibitions of warfare and weaponry as well as striking murals greeting visitors.

Alternatively, they can visit the large City Park. The park features a 200m long walk-around map featuring models of major buildings. The kids can also take their time around the amusement centre called Duman, mostly visited because of its oceanarium, a 70-meter shark tunnel, and over 2000 aquarium creatures.

Nanny Categories

London Governess can place different categories of nannies depending on the client’s needs. The categories we currently have are:

  1. Live-in nanny.

This is a nanny who takes complete care of a client’s children. This nanny lives with the employer’s family and usually has a separate living and sleeping space. The client also provides them with food

  1. Live-out.

A live-out nanny only comes to work for a set of hours during the day. The nanny assumes all the roles of a live-in nanny during the working hours. The only difference is that the client does not need to provide the nanny with food and accommodation.

  1. Night nanny.

Due to public demand, London Governess introduced this category to take care of the rising demand for nannies to offer night care. Such a nanny comes in handy especially if parents work during the night or if the client has a new-born baby. The nanny, therefore, is always on standby to help the parents at night when they need to catch sleep. The role of the nanny is to help establish good sleeping patterns for the baby and the parents. The night nanny is usually a live-out one only that she works during the night.


London Governess beats the odds to give you what we believe is the best. We specialize in placing highly competent and reliable nannies who are English speakers, bi-lingual, and multi-lingual. Our client base is growing, a sign that we are living to our clients’ expectations. It is our hope too that you will give the industry leaders at London Governess a chance to get you a reliable caregiver.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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