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Welcome to London Governess, home to the best and most sought-after British nannies. We are the premier source of reliable and professional nannies with a name that speaks for us. We have served clients in this field for decades now sending nannies all over the United Kingdom and worldwide. Most nannies’ favourite destination is Beijing, China and that gives you some good hope of ensuring the safety and security of your kids when you are out of Beijing.

Taking care of your kids is the best experience ever. It brings out the proud you and gives the children the best moments as they can associate with their most favourite people – their parents. When they are around you, they feel some sense of security and belonging. However, this can be short-lived especially if you are a 9-5 office executive, busy business person, or if you must travel out of Beijing without them. If any of these occurrences happen, London Governess has nannies who can bridge the gap and with their experience with young children, represent you when you are away.

Responsibilities of a British Nanny

A nanny is not a regular caregiver. She is a well-educated, skilled, and experienced personnel who can take your position temporarily when you are away from your kids. She is a professional carer who helps give your kids the attention you would if you were you available.

Also, a nanny makes sure all nursery duties are well-taken care off. She will take good care of all aspects of childcare ranging from keeping your kids lively and active to nurturing their well-being and keeping it on check. The nanny will also be helping in preparing the kids’ meals, feed, bathe and dress them. They can also oversee the children’s daily activities, supervise them as they tidy their rooms or do their homework, organise play dates, and look after them while out.

When you hire a British nanny, you already have a guarantee of a helper. She will undertake any nursery duty and ensure to do it professionally. Since they are professionals with some of them having operated their nurseries in the past, you will never go wrong by trusting them.

The nanny, in addition to the nursery duties, will undertake other tasks including using her knowledge and skills to further the children’s development. They, therefore, can craft activities like creative arts and crafts sessions and other learning opportunities. However, it is worth noting that a nanny is not tasked with heavy housework like cooking for the family or other tasks not related to the children.

Recreational Places to Visit with Kids in Beijing

When kids are free, they can go out for recreation with the nanny. They can take them to the zoo, animal orphanage, museums, or other recreational facilities for games and entertainment. Centres like the Chaoyang Park can intrigue the kids big time. It would be a good place for them to fly kites, rent and ride bikes and boats, or play in the manmade beach.

They can also tour the Forbidden City and get marvelled at the lion statues gracing the Gate of Supreme Harmony and the galleries of clocks, jade, bronze, as well as other ancient treasures.

Terms of Engagement

Our nannies are engaged on different terms agreed upon before the employment starts. To ensure you are on the safe side, here are the three main types of nannies that we provide.

  1. Live-in nanny: she is responsible for the complete care of your kids. They sleep at your place and, therefore, perform such duties as waking the kids up, feeding, dressing, and keeping them active. It is also their task to take the kids to the park or to see a doctor. For this nanny, you will need to provide them with a separate sleeping space plus food in addition to their wages.
  2. Live-out nanny: this type of nanny offers services for a set of hours per day. Within their schedule, they assume all the duties that a live-in nanny performs. However, you will not need to provide shelter for them.
  3. Night nanny: we recently created this type to cater for the growing need of night nannies who come in for mothers with new-born babies. This nanny is required during the night and helps to establish good sleeping patterns for the parents and the new-born. With their experience with young kids and new mothers, they will also be offering advice on the best parenting skills. This is typically a live-out nanny.

The Process of Acquiring a British Nanny

Acquiring a British nanny is not a hard task. We have made the process simple by doing the most thorough vetting ourselves. We go through each document submitted by the candidates, verify their past engagements, and get in touch with their references. After we are certain of those that meet your needs, we send you their documents and contacts to conduct the interviews. This you can do while still in Beijing, and once you settle for one, we start making the travel arrangements.


There are thousands of people working abroad and want to hire nannies to look after their kids. We have such clients in Beijing and to fulfil their needs, we have assembled the best talents for them. We have children specialists, and since we recruit the best, you can rest assured that London Governess knows what you need and will send you the best.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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