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Every family needs an extra pair of eyes and hands to look after their kids while away or too engaged. At such an era where maternal engagements in the workplace are fast equalling paternal, it becomes important to get your children a reliable caregiver. This has given rise to the need for nannies, and at London Governess, we have the right candidate to work for you in Berlin Germany.

Who is A Nanny?

A nanny is an individual who is qualified and experienced in looking after kids. They have over five years of experience and possess the necessary certifications to work with kids. They also need to pass rigorous vetting and crosschecks to ensure they are fit to be with your children.

A nanny looks after kids in their homes. She can be engaged for a long term, or temporary basis as the needs of the employing family dictate. After the engagement, the nanny can decide to renew their contract or move on to other endeavours as they deem fit.

The duties of a nanny are basically nursery ones. Even though they may offer to babysit for about 3 hours a week, they are not tasked with the normal upbringing of children.

Different Nanny Categories

Depending on the needs of different families, we have three different nanny categories. As per your needs, you can choose either:

  1. Live-in Nanny

This nanny is responsible for everything relating to childcare for 24 hours. Their duties include taking the children to sleep and waking them up, keeping their rooms and play areas clean, bathing, and dressing them. The nanny can also help with the kids’ laundry as well as ironing them.

The live-in nanny lives with the employer’s family. Usually, they need a separate living and sleeping space, a separate bathroom, and meals. Since they are a part of the family then, the working hours are negotiable and agreed on before the commencement of the employment.

  1. Live-out Nanny

A live-out nanny performs the roles of a live-in nanny although they don’t live with the employer’s family. They work for a set of hours per day and then go home. They could, for instance, a report in the morning before the parents leave and leave in the evening after they are back.

The employer does not need to provide accommodation for a live-out nanny.

  1. Night-time Nanny

A night-time nanny is mostly engaged when a family has a new-born child. The nanny helps mostly at night and is vital to ensuring the parents get enough rest and time to sleep while they take care of the baby. The nanny is also responsible for creating a better sleeping pattern for the parents and the new-born baby.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Nannies

London Governess has a database of over 750 qualified nannies who are willing to relocate to Berlin. They have all undergone our rigorous screening process and are duly registered. Having assessed their fitness, past engagements, and verified their certifications, we can assure you of the best talents.

Duties and Responsibilities of A Nanny

Parents whose work, businesses, and other schedules do not allow them much time with their kids pretty much need a nanny. The nanny will be offering the following services:

  • Keeping the children lively and active to boost their physical, and mental well-being.
  • Supervising the children’s meals, creating an eating schedule, and feeding them.
  • Accompanying the kids for doctors’ appointments or to collect medication.
  • Ensuring the kids take their medications as prescribed.
  • Taking the kids to bed, waking them up, dressing and making them ready for the day’s activities.
  • Seeing the children off to school and picking them up in the evening.
  • Accompanying the children to music, swimming, football, dance, or instrument playing lessons.
  • Arranging play dates and accompanying the kids to such places.
  • Engaging the kids in physical and mental games to stimulate their minds and keep them fit.
  • Reading with and for them.
  • Washing and ironing their laundry or supervising the same.
  • Taking the children out to recreational centres, parks, museums, libraries, and other children’s entertainment areas.

Places to Visit with Kids in Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany which means it has much to offer. Your nanny can take the kids to such places as the Berlin Zoo where the kids can never have enough of the over 1,200 species. Located near the Tiergarten Park, the children have more to enjoy from the family-friendly cafes, play areas, and lots of attractions.

The nanny can also take them to the Jewish Museum. The museum would be ideal for school-going kids as it educates them about the holocaust applying an age-appropriate fashion. They can end the day at the TV Tower or the Brandenburg Gate too and have their life simplified in Berlin.

Bi- and Multi-Lingual

If you are looking for a nanny who knows more than the English language, we have the right guys. Our candidates speak other languages including German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese among others. Therefore, they would be ideal if you need the kids to learn an extra language.


London Governess enjoys serving customers from across the globe. We have the right skills and talents in our database and are only waiting for you to engage us. You can trust us to get you a German native to work in Berlin or a citizen of a country of your choice. We would, therefore, be glad if you gave us a chance to serve you.

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