Hiring a Native English Speaking Nanny in Dammam City

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Whether you are a native within the Dammam City area or you have recently moved for work or other reasons, raising a family is filled with important decisions. You want to be sure that you have all bases covered, and that means choosing the right childcare individuals to help your child not only reach their developmental milestones, but also someone who your child feels safe with, someone they trusts and someone they can get alone with well. 

Making the right decision isn’t easy, and it takes time and effort to whittle down your choices to a shortlist and then opt for the best individual for the job. 

The benefits of choosing a native English speaking nanny within Saudi Arabia, in general, are great. Dammam City is a progressive, modern city, still filled with echoes of the past and surrounded with culture at every turn. Despite that, perhaps you want your child to be able to speak fluent English, to help them in their future career, and perhaps if they choose to travel when they are older. In addition, if you have moved to Dammam City from an English speaking country, or even the UK, you will find great benefit in having a native English speaker looking after your child. 

What Can an English Speaking Nanny in Dammam City Do For You?

Not only can a native English speaking nanny help your child to develop their English skills from scratch, but they can help with conversational language, which isn’t always taught in schools to the highest degree. Within this, your child will feel more confident speaking English and that bodes very well indeed for their future. 

In addition, if your child is already an English speaker but they are now living in Dammam City, perhaps surround by Arabic speakers both around their home area and in school, having a speaker of their native language around can help them retain their English skills and also feel more comfortable when settling in to a new country. 

The main duties of an English speaking nanny are: 

  • Helping your child to reach their developmental milestones through supportive play and observation
  • Helping to establish a regular sleeping pattern
  • Helping with bathing, changing, and basic hygiene tasks
  • Helping with feeding, arranging meals and ensuring good nutrition 
  • Escorting your child to social arrangements, play dates, to and from school, etc
  • Practicing language skills and general conversation with your child
  • Encouraging basic life skills such as confidence, resilience, independence, etc

Of course, the biggest plus point is having someone around who you can trust and who you feel confident and happy around, especially when your child is away from your side.

Why Choose Us?

Here at London Governess we have years of experience in matching families with their ideal native English speaking nanny, including in and around the Dammam City area. All of our nannies undergo a rigorous vetting process, taking the hassle out of the arrangement process for you and giving you the ultimate peace of mind that you have chosen the best professional for your family’s needs. 

Our English speaking nannies are:

  • High experienced and qualified 
  • Rigorously vetted prior to signing with our agency 
  • Many of our nannies have prior experience of working overseas
  • Many of our nannies also have experience of travelling with families on vacations, etc
  • Some of our nannies have experience of working with VIPs/royalty, and completely understand confidentiality and discretion 
  • We aim to match you with your ideal English speaking nanny in the shortest time possible, often in around 48 hours

Things to do With Children in Dammam City

Dammam City is a beautiful city, full of fun things for families to do together. Of course, it may be that you are unable to accompany your child on a particular day and as such, you want your nanny to take your child out and about, exploring the area and the rich culture at every turn. Our nannies all understand the Dammam City area very well and you can rest assured that your child is safe and looked after when they are in your nanny’s presence.

A few fun things for families in Dammam City include: 

  • Murjan Island – This is a fun, manmade island which is ideal for nature, walking, picnics, and generally spending time in the Great Outdoors and getting plenty of fresh air. Kids will also love the ferry ride over to the island.
  • Dolphin Village Dammam – This is a fun-filled amusement park, with the main highlight being the famous dolphin shows! This is a great way for children to learn about these wonderful mammals, whilst in a playful setting. 
  • King Abdullah Park – Located on the coastline, this is a modern setting which is packed with entertainment options, including children’s playgrounds, fountains, and restaurants. There are also many festivals and shows held here throughout the year.
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