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Matching your child with a nanny is a vitally important and sensitive job, one which here at London Governess, we take very seriously indeed. This person needs to be a true professional, yet someone with personality and maturity. We understand that you are placing the health and wellbeing of your child in our hands, and as such, this is a job we take very seriously indeed.

We are a nanny agency who understand your needs more than any other, and we are happy to take on the role of matching you up with the perfect English-speaking nanny in Dubai and the surrounding area, such as Abu Dhabi and beyond.  

Every single one of our nannies are individually vetted to an extremely high standard, highly qualified, highly experienced, and they all possess more than the necessary skills to supervise and look after your child, whether on a live-in basis, or a live out arrangement.

Nanny Agency London

In addition, we also offer the following benefits:

  • Are a fast nanny service, who can supply a nanny in Dubai in the next 48 hours
  • Discount for long-term contracts available
  • All our British nannies are native English speakers
  • Every British nanny is DBS checked
  • We have over 700 nannies available on our database
  • Our nannies a available to travel with families
  • Some of our nannies have experience of working with VIPs and royalty

The Process of Hiring a Nanny

We take the hard work out of finding your ideal nanny match. The first thing you need to do is reach out to us, and we will act in a speedy manner to supply you with an experienced nanny for your needs in Dubai and the surrounding area. Whether you require a full-time nanny or a part time nanny, we can cater to your needs. Just tell us what you need, tell us about your family and your child/children, and we will match you up with your perfect reference checked nanny.


The Difference Between a Live-In Nanny, And a Live-Out Nanny

We have nannies in our database who work in various different ways, both live in and live out, as well as short term contracts, e.g. travel.

A live in nanny is someone who will stay with you and your child in your home. There is an element of flexibility here, but your nanny will have set working hours, to be available when your needs are the highest. This allows you to build up a strong, personal bond with your nanny, and strengthens the bond he or she has with your child also.  

If you prefer to have a live out nanny, this is something we can help you with too. Your nanny will live in his or her own space, but will visit your home during their set working hours, and at other times when a mutual working time has been arranged.

If you need to travel, we can match you up with a specific holiday nanny, although our nannies are all happy to travel with families too.


VIP Nannies

We will only ever supply you with a police checked nanny, for total peace of mind. We have a range of nannies who have worked with royal families and other VIPs in the past. Our nannies have also traveled extensively with families and can offer you the services that you require, both for you and your child.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463