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Taking your free time out to enjoy with your spouse, going for a business meeting, or work vacation outside Frankfurt can be a hassle for parents with young children. Often, most of them choose to forego the vacations since they cannot leave their kids alone. If they are official and must-attend business trips, they fall into a fix, not knowing what to do with their kids. As such, most result in leaving them with their neighbours, taking them to their grandparents, or travelling with them.

Whichever the option you take from the above, it will not always work out well which calls for a much better choice. That option is hiring a British governess or British nanny. With such a helper, you can take your time and do what you have planned without a worry. Since they are trained and experienced caregivers, you can go about your daily schedules with a guarantee that your people are safe. Talk to us at London Governess today and let us worry about getting you a British nanny or governess to work for you at Frankfurt.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Candidates

London Governess is your go-to office whenever you need a British nanny or British governess. We have the right team that fits your needs and are ready to travel to your Frankfurt home. As native UK English speakers, you can count on them to interact with your kids in the best ways and teach them new things using the English language.

What makes our governesses and nannies the most sought-after is their reputation. They have undergone the requisite training, acquired the necessary certificates, and worked with different families, thereby gaining invaluable experience. They have served royal, VIP, politicians’, and artists’ families. From that, they have created reputations worth putting your trust on.

Also, London Governess, in a push to ensure you get the best, makes sure they undergo a thorough screening process. We vet all our candidates afresh and profoundly to ascertain their claims of past works. We also ensure we have verified their certificates, licenses, and references before registering them to work for us, thereby ensuring you get real professionals.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The tasks and responsibilities of a governess and nanny differ slightly and depending on the need. For a governess, their role is to ensure that your kids’ educational and academic needs are met. They will, therefore, make sure your children’s unique talents are nurtured, see them through extra-curricular activities, and perform any other task relating to education.

Roles of A British Governess

A governess will teach and educate your kids in their home setup. Thus, they can pay close attention to the kids’ social development. Apart from helping them with their homework, they can also help your children to master the UK English accent, write, and speak the language with ease. If you need them to enrol in a UK school, the governesses are well versed with the education system in the United Kingdom and will be your best asset.

They will help in the school selection, application, and enrolment if you need to shift them from Frankfurt to any school in the UK. If you are required in your kids’ school but you cannot make it, the governess will represent you fully. Also, you will never need to ask for leave days to take your children for education excursions, congresses, or for academic competitions with a governess at your place. Lastly, our governesses are bi or multilingual which means your children can learn an additional language. They can also teach them how to play musical instruments like the guitar or extracurricular activities like swimming or singing.

Roles of A British Nanny

London Governess has an extensive database of qualified and licensed British nannies willing to relocate to Frankfurt. They will be your source of reprieve when they relieve you the burden of upbringing your kids and doubling it with your daily schedules. They are knowledgeable, well-educated, experienced with nanny duties, and exercise professionalism in everything.

Their duties include all nursery duties and childcare such as preparing them for meals and school, bathing and dressing and feeding them. They will also be escorting your kids to school and wait for them in the evening, bath them, and prepare them for bed.

Other tasks include doing their laundry or supervising it, overseeing the daily kids activities, and keeping them entertained, lively, and active. They can also monitor them as they tidy their rooms, do their homework, or play outside. Also, it is their role to plan for play dates, take them to the zoo, or recreational facilities.

Family Places to Take Kids in Frankfurt

The British governess or nanny can step in and take your kids out too. There are different places to let the kids enjoy their time in Frankfurt including the Stadel Museum, the Goethe House, or the Historical Museum. The nanny will gladly do all that. The kids can also spend the day at the Senkenberg Museum and learn the natural history.

If learning history is not their thing, there’s too much more to do. They can also take and let them run around and take a deep breath around Palmengarten.

Terms of Engagement

The terms of engagement differ depending on various factors. A governess or nanny can be a live-in or live-out depending on your needs and terms. If they are live-ins, it is your responsibility to ensure they have a separate living and sleeping space. You should also provide them with meals, whether they are at home or when you travel with them in or out of Frankfurt.


We at London Governess understand all your needs and how you struggle to meet them. We also understand how difficult it is doubling up as a working executive and a parent. To bridge the gap and help you with the upbringing and nurturing of your kids socially and academically, we have assembled the best British governess and nannies to cater for your needs.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463