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Are your children French-speaking? Do you want to enhance your child’s French language skills? Look no further than London Governess! We can connect you with a French nanny fast, effectively, and no matter where your location.

We understand that pairing your child up with their ideal nanny is not just about finding someone suitably qualified. It’s also about your personal needs, your location, and your circumstances. It’s about the language(s) your child speaks, and perhaps the language(s) you want them to speak more effectively. Every family is different, and that is why we are able to pair you up with your perfect French nanny, no matter where in the world you are located. Whether you’re in London, Moscow, or Dubai, we can find your ideal match.

Your ideal French nanny needs to be highly professional, a native French speaker, and also needs to be someone with a fun yet mature personality. You need your French nanny to bond quickly with your child and also with you, and you need to be able to build trust and understanding fast. By contacting our nanny agency, you are placing your child’s health, safety, and development in our hands – this is a job we take very seriously indeed. For that reason, our nannies, whether French or otherwise, are all highly professional, experienced, and all have gone through a tough vetting process, to give you peace of mind.

Our French nannies have all attained the necessary certification and qualifications to ensure they have the appropriate skills to fulfil this vital and most important of jobs.

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In addition to our fast matching and bespoke support services, we provide:

  • A French nanny matched with you in 48 hours, with the ability to travel to your location – we match our French nannies with families worldwide
  • Long-term contracts, some of which come with money-off discounts
  • Native French-speaking nannies, all DBS checked
  • A large amount of French nannies on our database
  • We can supply live in and out nannies worldwide, as well as travel nannies
  • We have a selection of French nannies who have experience of working with VIP families, families of high social standing, and also royal families

What to do Next

Hiring a French nanny is easy, no matter where you live. You just need to contact us and we can put the wheels in motion to find your ideal match, no matter what your requirements. Simply tell us what you need and what kind of arrangement would suit you best, e.g. a full or part time arrangement, a live in or life out nanny situation. From there, we will match you up.


What is a Live-in and Live-Out Nanny?

We have nannies in our database who work in various different ways, both live in and live out, as well as short term contracts, e.g. travel.

A live in nanny is someone who will stay with you and your child in your home. There is an element of flexibility here, but your nanny will have set working hours, to be available when your needs are the highest. This allows you to build up a strong, personal bond with your nanny, and strengthens the bond he or she has with your child also.  

If you prefer to have a live out nanny, this is something we can help you with too. Your nanny will live in his or her own space, but will visit your home during their set working hours, and at other times when a mutual working time has been arranged.

If you need to travel, we can match you up with a specific holiday nanny, although our nannies are all happy to travel with families too.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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