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Have you been looking for a British nanny to work at your residence in Geneva? If yes, execute your idea. Talk to the leading and most sought-after nanny agency, London Governess, and we shall match you with the best nannies. We have a broad database of at least 750 highly qualified and experienced nannies who have been born and brought up in the UK but willing to work in Geneva. They have gone through the UK education system, but with Switzerland being a favourite among most of them, we would be glad to get you one.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Caregivers

London Governess believes that every child requires close attention to their upbringing. As such, we have assembled well trained and highly qualified caregivers for you. They all have years of hands-on experience working with young children even when the parents have travelled. With such a nanny, you can fly away from Geneva, even for days without a worry about your most precious people.

Per requirements, they have the requisite degrees and training that every child development caregiver should possess. Their training and expertise touch on child psychology, first aid, early years, and Montessori essential courses. They are also duly registered and have undergone our rigorous vetting procedures. As a parent, you now have a great idea of whom to talk to, right?

Responsibilities of a Nanny

Nannies are helpful if you are a career person or busy business executive. You can hire one if your schedules do not allow you enough time to be with your babies. Also, if you are always on the move, in and out of Geneva, you will probably need a nanny to help you with the day-to-day caregiving of your children.

The nanny we assign you will be more than a helper at your residence. Their duties include supervising your children’s meals and eating schedules, getting them up and dressed, washing, and ironing their laundry. They will also perform other tasks as arranging play dates, taking them to the zoo or park, and creating arts and crafts projects with them. They will also keep your children active and entertained when you are away.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Other tasks you can assign to the nanny are reading to the children, taking them to music and dance lessons, and tidying their play areas. The nannies are also well versed with other duties like taking the kids for physicians’ and doctors’ appointments. If you need them to, they will help in bathing the kids and prepare them for bed. Also, they will be assisting you with keeping the kids’ toys clean and organized as well as helping the children dress and undress.

Nanny Choices Available

London Governess understands the uniqueness of every family out there. As such, we are always glad to satisfy every family’s specific needs. Depending on your specific requirements, we can get you a nanny whom we are sure will be a perfect match.

We mainly provide nannies in three different categories. The first one is a temporary nanny, engaged on a temporary basis. In this case, you will have someone who will assist you for a few days, weeks, or months depending on your requirements. This arrangement goes typically for parents who need to attend business meetings away from Geneva, important events, or if their permanent nanny is on vacation.

The second category is a holiday nanny. If you are planning to travel away from Geneva for a family vacation, you will need some time for yourself or with your spouse. In this case, a holiday nanny will help by keeping the kids entertained or engaged away from you. From the time you leave home and back, the nanny will be your ultimate source of reprieve from your kids’ nagging. While out, they will also help with keeping the kids relaxed and enjoying the new environment with extracurricular, educational, and cultural activities.

The last category is a bilingual nanny. This nanny helps by teaching your kids an extra language. If you have moved to Geneva, for example, from a different country, the nanny can help your children adapt easily and fast. Also, the nanny will instruct your kids about the local traditions, history, and customs.

Terms of Engagement

The terms of engagement entirely depend on your needs. There are three types here including a live-in nanny. Here, the nanny will be responsible for the complete care of your kids. Their roles include getting the children up, taking them to bed, feeding them, taking them to the park, for doctor’s appointment, and keeping them active among others. It is your responsibility to provide a living and sleeping space for the nanny.

The second type is a live-out one. A live-out nanny offers their service for a set of hours. During those hours, they will perform the duties of a live-in one. However, you will not need to provide with accommodation.

The last one is a night nanny. Parents with new-born babies need this type to help them with the baby when they need to sleep. The nanny will also advise the mother and establish good sleeping patterns.

Talking to London Governess today and get a reliable nanny for your Geneva residence. We shall send you the profiles of the most qualifying candidates depending on your needs for you to review them. After you settle for one, we shall make the last arrangements.


London Governess hopes that every child gets the right care. As such, we endeavour to offer nothing but the best. Talk to us today and enjoy professionalism at its best.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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