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London is a busy city, and whether you’re working in the City or you have other commitments which require you to be in the capital, life can be frenetic, to say the least. Finding a governess or a nanny to help you with many aspects of your child’s care and development can be difficult. You need to be sure that you’re choosing someone has the required qualification and a wealth of experience, but also someone you can connect with as an individual.

Here at London Governess we are well aware of the difficulty in choosing the right person for your needs. That is why we have taken the hard work out of the entire process for. We have many governesses and nannies within our agency who are located in the Holland Park area. We can match you up with your ideal individual, often within a short notice period of time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about background checks, as our governesses and nannies undergo a rigorous vetting process prior to signing with our agency. Your peace of mind is vital to us.

How Can Our Governesses in Holland Park Help You?

A governess is someone who can look after your child when you are away from home, e.g. at work, but can also help to educate your child, in line with UK national curriculum standards. All our governesses in Holland Park have been UK educated, are native or fluent English speakers, and have several years of experience of working with children.

A governess can:

  • Provide basic childcare within your home
  • Help to educate your child in line with the UK national curriculum
  • Help you make decisions on schools and other educational issues, as well as accompanying you to visits
  • Take your child to various appointments in your absence
  • Monitor and help with educational and basic developmental milestones, flagging up any potential issues
  • Administer first aid and medications
  • Many of our governesses are also able to help teach your child skills such as playing a musical instrument, sport, or help with supporting English learning
  • Help to develop your child’s personality, including resilience and independence

How Can our Nannies in Holland Park Help You?

Very similar to our governesses, our nannies in the Holland Park area are on hand to help with your smaller children, including newborn babies. Whether you have one child or more, our nannies have years of experience, as well as relevant qualifications. Our nannies are native or fluent English speakers and again, have been rigorously checked prior to signing with our agency.

A nanny can:

  • Provide basic childcare for smaller children and newborn babies
  • Help support a satisfactory sleeping routine
  • Help with feeding and changing
  • Monitor and develop your child’s basic milestones and flag up any issues
  • Administer first aid and medications
  • Provide play activities to help with hand-eye coordination development

What we Offer

Whether you need a governess or a nanny, our Holland Park based professionals are on hand to help you. We are able to match you up with your ideal governess or nanny, often within as little as 48 hours. Most of our governesses and nannies have experience of traveling with families, as well as working with families of high social standing, such as royalty or VIPs. We also offer a range of working arrangements, such as live in or out, part time or full time.

Simply inform us of what you need, and we will match you with your ideal professional.

Things to See And do For Families in Holland Park, London

London is a wonderful city for a child to grow up in, with plenty of history and culture at every turn. The Holland Park area in particular is full of activities and attractions for families. Your governess or nanny is able to take your child to many different locations around the area, helping them explore in a safe way.

Some of the top activities in the Holland Park area include:

  • Holland Park Adventure Playground – Holland Park Adventure Playground is set in some of the most beautiful natural surroundings you will find in a large city, and this offers families a great day out. Everything is safe and contained, and the climbing frames, walls, and ropes are all supervised for extra peace of mind. One of the best ways to allow your child to run off some steam! Whether children want to play in the park or not, the area is ideal for enjoying nature and breathing in fresh air.
  • Design Museum, Kensington – Ideal for inquisitive children who want to learn about how things work. If you have a child who loves taking things apart and putting them back together again, this is as great museum to head to
  • KidZania London – Ideal for ages 4 to 14, this is an indoor city designed specifically for children. Perfect for helping children socialise with others, learning about daily life, and using all manner of interactive equipment. This is a great day out for all the family, and also helps children understand what adulthood is all about.
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