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These days there are so many demands on our time that it can become overwhelming to tick every box we’re supposed to tick. Feeling stressed or worried about the welfare of your child is not something you need to add to that situation, and this is often why so many people choose to hire a nanny, no matter where in the world they live.

If you are currently living in Istanbul, you are likely to be living a fast paced way of life, whether working or not. If you’re looking for a native English speaking nanny in Istanbul, to help your child learn English and encourage their development, we can certainly help.

Here at London Governess we have several native English speaking nannies in the Istanbul area, all educated in the UK and with years of experience under their belts. We are able to pair you up with your ideal nanny, and take the stress and worry out of your hands.

What Our Native English Speaking Nannies in Istanbul Can Offer You

By opting for a native English speaking nanny in Istanbul, you are able to benefit from language skills, UK education standards, and the experience and skills of a highly qualified professional. Whether you are working or you have other commitments, you need to be sure that your child is safe and looked after whilst you are away from the house.

Our nannies are able to work on many different basis’, including part time, full time, live in or live out. All you need to do is let us know what your requirements are, and we will get to work in paring you up with your ideal professional.

Our native English speaking nannies in Istanbul:

  • Have years of experience in working with young children and babies
  • Have the relevant qualifications
  • Have passed a rigorous vetting process, including in-depth background checks
  • Are able to work either part time or full time, and live in or live out
  • Are able to look after your child’s basic needs, including dressing, bathing, feeding, etc, and also support their developmental milestones, reporting any concerns if they arise
  • Are able to administer basic first aid
  • Can accompany your child to social engagements, as well as medical appointments and schools
  • Can help your child’s educational development with learning English from a native speaker
  • Many of our nannies have experience working with VIPs, royalty, and families of high social standing
  • Many of our nannies have experience of travelling with families in the past, helping your child stay in their routine during vacations and other trips away

We understand how big a decision this for you, and that is why we put our nannies through a rigorous background check prior to signing with our agency. This gives you the utmost peace of mind that you need, and ensures you feel relaxed and calm when you are away from your child.

Things to do For Families in Istanbul

Istanbul is a huge city, and no matter what district you are based in, your native English speaking nanny is able to take your child to and about exploring the city, allowing them to soak up the culture and feel of such a vibrant and historic place. You can also rest assured that they are safe and secure whilst they are out with your nanny.

Some of the best spots to visit in Istanbul for families are:

  • Istanbul Aquarium – Home to thousands of different species of sea-life, Istanbul Aquarium is a great place for children to learn about what lies beneath the surface of the ocean, as well as local marine life in and around Istanbul. The huge walk-through tunnel lets them get up close and person with huge sharks and other fish, which is sure to thrill them.
  • Miniaturk – This miniature theme park allows you to travel all around Turkey and visit the top historic and famous sights, without even leaving Istanbul! From Ephesus to Bursa, Ankara and beyond, the small replicas of some of the biggest attractions across the country will allow your child to learn more about the country they are living in, and its history.
  • Cevahir Shopping Mall – Whilst a shopping mall on one hand, it is a huge entertainment park in another! With an indoor playground, rides, attractions, a huge cinema, and interactive games, children will love running off some steam.

Feeding The Pigeons on the Bosphorus Ferry – Whilst travelling from one side of the city to another on the famous ferry, children will love throwing pieces of bread to the following pigeons. This is one low cost attraction that everyone loves!


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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