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Are you a resident of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and have been looking for a reliable English-speaking nanny in vain? Have you recently relocated with your family to Jeddah and would like to have a native English speaker to be their nanny?

If you replied yes to the two questions, then welcome home. This is London Governess, and we are here to help you get a reliable, highly qualified, and experienced nanny.

Extensive Nannies Database

London Governess boasts of the most extensive database of English-speaking nannies. We have a great team of personnel who bring aboard decades of combined experience to ensure you get nothing short of the best.

Our database has over 750 registered nannies who are willing to relocate to Jeddah and work there. Since Saud Arabia is among the most favourite places to work in for most of them, you can be assured we shall place a well-fitting candidate to your home.

Also, we can send in a nanny with Saudi Arabian roots but born and brought up in the UK. This will ensure your kids can have a smooth transition to the Jeddah culture and traditions as well as retain some from the United Kingdom with ease.

Well Trained and Highly Qualified Nannies

Our nannies are well-trained and qualified. They possess the necessary certifications and academic qualifications required to work as a nanny. Also, they are duly registered with the relevant bodies with a minimum experience of at least five years.

The candidates are also cautious, discreet, professional, and have motherly instincts. They are the most dedicated, devoted, and committed to serving you beyond expectations. Besides, they are smartly presented, disciplined, and always willing to uphold and respect the employer’s confidentiality.

Nanny Categories

At London Governess, we understand the various needs we get from our clients. As a result, we have come up with different nanny categories to fit all the candidate’s requirements and needs. Some of the categories we have are:

  1. Full-Time Nanny

A full-time nanny is a live-in one. This is a staff who will be living with your family throughout the day and night. The client needs to provide them with a separate living and sleeping space, a separate bathroom, and meals. The nanny gives 24-hour attention to the children at their home.

  1. Part-time Nanny

A part-time nanny can be a live-out one who only works at some set of hours per day. This nanny can be coming to your place in the morning and leaving in the evening when you are back from work, school, or your daily chores. With a live-out nanny, you do not need to provide them with accommodation.

  1. Night Nanny

A night nanny works best with parents with new-born babies. The nanny usually comes to work during the night and leaves in the morning. Their main duties include helping the parents work out a better sleeping schedule for themselves. The nanny will also help make an effective sleeping pattern for the baby.

Roles/Responsibilities of A Nanny

A nanny’s roles and responsibilities are subject to an earlier agreement. They are laid out before the hiring process is concluded. However, if there arise other services, they can be discussed before the nanny offering them.

Among the duties of a nanny are:

  • All nursery duties. The duties include all aspects of childcare like preparing their meals and feeding them. The nanny can also be tasked with dressing and undressing, bathing, taking the kids to sleep, and waking them up.
  • The nanny also oversees all daily activities for the kids and keeps the children’s rooms tidy.
  • The nanny will also be seeing your kids off to school and picking them up in the evening.
  • Creating arts and crafts for and with the kids.
  • Taking the kids for extra-curricular activities like swimming, music and dance lessons.
  • Keeping the kids active and rejuvenated. The nanny is tasked with organizing play dates, taking the kids out to museums, zoos, and engaging the kids in mind games.

Things to Do with Kids in Jeddah

Among other duties of a nanny is taking the kids out for recreational and entertainment activities. Among the places they can visit with the kids in Jeddah is the Al-Shallal Theme Park. The park features a great combination of adult and children’s entertainment activities. The kids can visit the different leisure areas, the beautiful landscapes, the lake, and enjoy meals at the restaurants in the park.

They can also spend the day out at the Atallah Happy Land Theme Park. The park, the oldest, largest, and most elegant presents the most beautiful sea view. The kids can have a day out in the rides section, water boats, roller coasters, merry-go-round, giant wheels, and bouncing castles.


London Governess understands that it can be challenging for a parent to balance between being with the family and attending to their daily chores. It is our hope, therefore, to bridge the gap and get every parent a deserving nanny to help them out. Talk to us today and get a reliable and qualified nanny to help you take care of the kids when you are away or busy.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463