Hiring a Native English Nanny in Jerusalem

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As one of the oldest cities in the world, choosing to relocate to Jerusalem will certainly help to open your child’s eyes to the wonder of history, a new culture, new traditions, and develop an open-minded, tolerant view of the world. All of this is wonderful for a developing child, but it does bring one or two difficulties alongside it, not least the idea of finding adequate and professional childcare, with an English twist. 

For an English-speaking family moving to Jerusalem, being surrounded by Hebrew and a new culture can be overwhelming, and for that reason, choosing a native English nanny in Jerusalem’s a great choice to calm the waters and the transitional period for your child, or children. 

Most expat families choose to move to Jerusalem for work reasons, and whether this is your reason or not, having an English nanny in your home is beneficial for many reasons. We all know that the childhood early years are the most important in terms of development and behavioural issues, whilst also the time when personality is being shaped. Having a reliable and professional native English nanny in your home also takes the pressure off your shoulders, so you can relax whilst trying to get used to your new surroundings, knowing that your child is well looked after and cared for whilst you’re away from the home setting.

Why Choose a Native English Nanny in Jerusalem?

Finding the ideal childcare individual is a hard task when you’re in your home country, but when you’re away from your usual surroundings, the task can be much harder. Of course, it could be that you’re a local family and you want to hire a native English nanny to help your child learn English from a very young age, and to learn about English culture. 

In most situations however, a family hiring a native English nanny will be moving from an English-speaking country to Israel, and into the Jerusalem area. 

Your native English nanny will be able to help your child’s language development skills, ensuring that they remain surrounded by a constant English-speaking presence. This will help your child’s language skills develop much faster. In addition, perhaps having an English-speaking presence will help your child settle down in Jerusalem much faster. For some children, having a nanny who speaks a different language, or someone who has a heavy accent, can be a little unsettling. Helping your child to settle into the city in the best way is a personal deal, and if this means opting for an English nanny, we’re here to help you.

Our native English nannies in Jerusalem can/will:

  • Support your child’s general daily care needs, including bathing, changing, washing, dressing, and feeding
  • Help your child reach their developmental milestones through supportive play 
  • Administer basic first aid if the need arises
  • Take your child to various social gatherings and play dates
  • Give you total peace of mind that your child is safe and supported during your absence 
  • Travel with the family if necessary, to ensure continuity of care 

Why Choose Us?

You could choose any agency to help you with your childcare needs, so why should you choose London Governess?

We understand just how difficult a decision it can be to decide upon the ideal childcare professional to look after your child. This isn’t like choosing an employee within a business, this is someone who is going to be caring for your child, the most precious cargo in your entire world. With that in mind, we cover every single base to ensure that we match you with the single best native English nanny for your needs. 

  • All of our nannies undergo rigorous checks prior to signing up with our agency, giving you the ultimate peace of mind 
  • All of our nannies have years of experience and the most up to date qualifications in the childcare field 
  • We can often match you up with your ideal native English nanny in Jerusalem in a short amount of time, often as little as just 48 hours
  • Our nannies have experience of working with families of high social standing, including VIPs and royalty, therefore understanding the vital importance of confidentiality and discretion 
  • Our nannies have experience of traveling with families, therefore ensuring that your child doesn’t have to deal with an interruption in their care needs
  • Our nannies are able to work on various different basis’, including full time and part time, live in, and live out

Put simply, our native English nannies in Jerusalem will help your child transition into their new home, and help you do the same, by giving you the ultimate amount of peace of mind that your child is looked after, cared for, and supported every step of the way.

Things to do For Families in Jerusalem 

Whilst living in Jerusalem, it’s a good idea to let your child explore the area and appreciate the culture and sights. Your native English nanny in Jerusalem can take your child around the city, giving you peace of mind that they are safe whilst they’re exploring. A few top sights for families in Jerusalem are: 

  • Biblical Zoo – This special zoo houses animals which are mentioned in the Bible and many other species which are endangered. Kids will love exploring and there are also train rides which go around the huge zoo grounds. 
  • Mini Israel – Young children may be a little too small to complete understand and appreciate some ofJerusalem’s biggest historical attractions, but a visit to Mini Israel will open up the entire country in one place, allowing them to explore and introduce themselves to the history of where they are now living
  • Ein Yael “Hands on” Museum – This is an interactive museum which takes you back in time and allows children see first hand how Jerusalem would have been back in the day.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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