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Once upon a time it would have seem inconceivable to hire a childcare professional who wasn’t female. For many years this has been perceived as a strictly female profession, with many people believing that children respond better to the gentleness and kindness of a female persona. 

Thankfully things have changed.

We now know that children respond to any individual, regardless of gender, provided they are kind, friendly, supportive, and the type of role model they need.

There is now an increased demand for male nannies, often referred to as a manny. This is great news for society, but it’s fantastic new for many families who require a male role model within the household. This is often the case in many situations, and a male presence can often stabilise a situation, e.g. some children respond far better to men than women. 

This is something we’re going to discuss, but for now, if you’re looking for a male nanny, or manny, here at London Governess, we have many male childcare professionals for you to choose from. We are able to match you up with your ideal Manny in a short length of time, often as little as 48 hours, and we take away the hassle of finding the best professional for your needs. Of course, all our nannies, whether male or female, have undergone a strict vetting process prior to signing with our agency, ensuring you have complete peace of mind from the get-go. 

In What Situations Might a Male Nanny (Manny) be The Ideal Fit?

Not every child responds that well to a female nanny, and it comes down to personal preference, not only on the child’s behalf, but on the family’s behalf too. There are many situations in which a manny will fit in very well, and sometimes even better than a female. 

A few examples are:

  • In a family of one or two boys, the children may simply respond better to a male, e.g. they can play football together, go swimming together without awkwardness, etc
  • In some situations boys are suited better to male nannies because they can play in a more ‘rough and tumble’ way. Some children respond very well to this type of active play, which a manny will be able to provide
  • In families with an only child, i.e. just one boy, a male nanny can provide childcare and be almost like a big brother to the child. This is often a great choice when the boy is lacking in other male friends
  • In families with a single mother, a male nanny can provide a male presence in the household, acting as a role model for boys and for girls who need a male presence around the family 

In some cases however, it’s simply the case that the child, regardless of gender, clicks with a male nanny far better. In the end, whether a nanny is male or female, if the child gets along well with them and the family trust them, that’s all that really matters, socially acceptable ten years ago or not!

What Does a Male Nanny Do?

The role nanny regardless of gender remains the same. The main duties of a nanny include: 

  • Changing, feeding, and putting the child/children to bed
  • Active play activities, to help the child work towards their developmental milestones
  • Cooking meals when necessary 
  • Accompanying the child to social gatherings and other necessary outings, e.g birthday parties and doctors appointments 
  • Providing basic first aid care if necessary 
  • Alerting the parents to any issues regarding delay in development, or anything else of concern
  • Provides a constant source of companionship for the child, helping them to develop life skills, such as independence, resilience, sharing, communication, and other basic skills required 

Here at London Governess we have a wide range of male nannies on our books, and many of those are UK natives or English native speakers. We also have several bilingual male nannies too, ideal for if you want your child to learn a second language at a young age, immersing them in new words and sounds from the beginning. This is also a good fit if you are not originally from the UK and you would like your child to be surrounded by their native language, whilst learning English at the same time. 

All of our mannies are highly educated, possess the correct childcare qualifications, and have years of experience to their names. Of course, every single one of our nannies are highly vetted with background checks, to ensure peace of mind for you. Choosing our service also takes the stress out of finding a reliable and trustworthy nanny to enter into your family home. 

We understand that finding your ideal manny isn’t a quick deal, and it takes time and effort to settle on the right person. We can take the effort out of the process, pairing you up with your ideal match. 

Why Are Our Male Nannies Different?

You might be wondering why you should choose our service to find you your perfect manny. We believe that our male nannies are superior to those you will find with other agencies. The reason is because not only are many of our male nannies bilingual, but they also have experience of travel and working with various families. 

Some of our male nannies are qualified teachers and have experience of working within UK schools. This means they have in-depth knowledge of the UK school curriculum, and are able to tutor your child in English and maths, two of the most important subjects for your child to learn in detail.

In addition, some of our male nannies are extremely sporty, with many having coaching qualifications in sports like football and tennis. Helping your child to learn a new sport and become more active in general is ideal for their health and wellbeing, helping them to maintain a healthy weight an keep their bodies in top shape from a young age. This teaches them the importance of overall health, but it also helps them to learn about team work too. All of this is extremely beneficial to your child. 

It is also possible for your manny to accompany you on holiday, providing a stable presence and continuation of childcare, whether at home or away. In some cases, children don’t settle too well when they are away from their usual surroundings, and this can cause problems with sleep routines. With your manny traveling with you, there is no disruption in care, and as a result your child will feel more comfortable with the change in surroundings.

Your manny may be able to accompany you on longer holidays, and provides a fantastic play companion for your child, especially for boys who may want to head out and explore the region. As a result, you can feel comfortable that your child is safe and looked after whilst out and about, leaving you to do whatever else you need to do. 

Why Should You Choose London Governess For Your Male Nanny Needs?

So far we have talked about why a male nanny is a great choice in certain situations especially and why society’s views have changed to the point where anyone qualified and suitable is able to work in this very rewarding role. Choosing a male nanny could be a very stabilising and comforting thing for your family, but choosing the right person for the job can be difficult.

We take our role in this situation very seriously. Choosing someone to enter your home and look after your children is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. You can easily tie yourself up in knots asking yourself questions, double guessing and confusing yourself over what to go for and what not to go for. In the end, you may waste precious time thinking about your decisions. We take all of that stress away, because we know the questions to ask and we know who will fit your mould best.

With no worries about vetting or references, you can leave all of the hard work to us, and we are often able to match you up with your ideal manny in a very short space of time, often as little as 48 hours, depending upon your requirements. Simply tell us a little about your family and the requirements you have, e.g. do you want a native English speaker, do you want someone who is bilingual, do you want someone who is able to play a certain type or sport or teach a specific subject, and we will work towards matching you up with your perfect manny. 

Opting for a male nanny will be a fantastic addition to your family and could give your child or children the male presence they need. With no need to worry about the specifics, you’re free to look forward to your new manny arriving at your door!

If you’re looking for a male nanny to join your family, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.


Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463