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Oman is one of the most up and coming countries, and living in Muscat is a dream for many. Of course, more and more people are choosing to relocate to Oman for work opportunities, but that brings with it its own challenges when you have children in tow.

In this situation, we can help you out.

Here at London Governess we are proud to be able to provide native English-speaking nannies and governesses to those living in Muscat. So, whether you’ve moved to Muscat recently, or you’ve lived here at while, you can easily employ an English speaking governess or nanny to look after and support your child’s overall care and development. In addition, our governesses are able to support your child’s English speaking skills, helping them pick up the language much faster as a result.

What Our English-Speaking Governesses and Nannies Can Offer You:

Employing a nanny or a governess can be a very difficult and tedious process. How can you be sure you’ve picked the right person? This difficult process is made simple, by letting us take the hard work out of it. We can assess your needs and match you up with either the ideal governess or nanny for your needs. It doesn’t matter if you need a live in member of staff, or live out, we have nannies who are open to many different working arrangements, with total flexibility for your family’s current lifestyle.

In addition to this, many of our nannies and governesses have a wealth of experience of working the Middle East already, and even those who have yet to visit this wonderful part of the world have previous experience of travelling overseas to work with families.

You don’t have to worry about a thing, as our process is the highest quality possible. Our staff are all very rigorously vetted, highly trained, and qualified to the highest level. We take trust and professionalism very seriously, and as such our staff all reflect those values.

Our English-Speaking Nannies and Governesses are:

  • Highly qualified in their particular field, with a wealth of experience
  • Mostly native English speakers, and all speak English to a very high level
  • Extremely professional and trustworthy, having all passed a very rigorous vetting process
  • Able to travel with your family
  • Many of our staff have prior experience of working with VIPs, royalty, and those of high social standing in the past
  • Our governesses are able to follow the British school curriculum
  • Able to assess with your child’s development and education, supporting weaknesses and encouraging strengths
  • Experienced in general childcare and have a natural flair with children
  • Able to assess your child’s developmental milestones, and flag up any concerns
  • Able to help your child speak English

Simply contact us and let us know your requirements. From there we will set to work on matching you up with your ideal nanny or governess, in as little as 48 hours in many cases.

Popular Family Places to Visit in Muscat

Our nannies and governesses are able to take your children out and about in Muscat, helping them explore the area in total safety. There are many local areas of entertainment and culture in and around the city, such as:

  • Qurum Beach or Qantab Beach – Kids will love running around on the sand, collecting shells, dolphin and whale watching, and generally smashing around in the sun
  • The National Museum – The ideal place to learn more about local and national history, and a great educational day out
  • Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve – Take a boat off the coast of Muscat, and enjoy a castaway day out. The beach is pristine and clean, kids will love the island feel, and the area will really show your children the wonder of natural beauty and nature in itself. The area is also home to many sea turtles
  • Al Alam Palace – This is one of six royal palaces, and one of the most stunning buildings you’ll ever set your eyes on. Kids will love the appearance of the palace, and it can also be an educational day out, as they learn more about culture and history

Our nannies and governesses take the safety of your children extremely seriously, so you can rest assured that whilst they’re out and about exploring the culture and nature of the city and surrounding area, they’re completely safe and having a whale of a time!

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