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Welcome to London Governess, your source of qualified and verified nannies. We are a proud nanny agency housing over 750 qualified and registered personnel that are ready to work anywhere in the United Kingdom. With Primrose Hill being one of our target locations, we have placed a good number of them to our different clients there, and the response is always encouraging us to continue.

Who is a Nanny?

A nanny is a qualified person, typically a woman, who is employed to look after kids in their home. The nanny can be engaged for a period agreed before starting work and choose to whether to continue working after that period. The nanny basically takes care of all the nursery duties except the normal upbringing of a child.

Nanny Categories

At London Governess, we have categorized the nanny specialists into three. This we do to ensure we cater to every client’s needs and preferences. As such, we have:

  1. Live-in nanny

This is a nanny who is responsible for everything relating to child care. The tasks include waking the kids up, feeding them, keeping them entertained and active, taking them out, and seeing the doctor with them for their appointments.

The nanny is also tasked with other duties like organizing the kids’ play areas, cleaning their rooms, and washing them. They also supervise them as they do their laundry, arrange their play items, clean their rooms, and make their beds. The nanny will also help with the washing and ironing of the children’s clothes.

The live-in nanny stays with the employer’s family. Usually, she will have a separate apartment with a separate bathroom, if available.

  1. Live-out nanny

A live-out nanny assumes the role of a live-in nanny when they are around. The only difference is that she does not live with the employer. They will be working for a set of agreed on hours in a day, say for example 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and leave.

  1. Night nanny

A night nanny is employed to help parents with newborn kids. She is responsible for helping the parents get better sleeping patterns for themselves and the babies. Usually, this nurse works over the night.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Nanny

For any parent who is highly engaged with their daily schedules, hiring a nanny would be a perfect decision. The nanny will, in addition to performing among other duties:

  • Supervise the children’s meals and help with preparation and feeding.
  • Get the kids up, cleaned, and dressed for the day’s activities. They also prepare them for bed.
  • Escort the kids to school and pick them up after school.
  • Take the children for doctor’s appointments or to collect medication.
  • Keep the children lively and active with physical and mind games.
  • Wash and iron their laundry.
  • Arranging play dates.
  • Reading with them and for them.
  • Keeping their play items clean and organized.
  • Accompanying the kids for music or dance lessons.
  • Creating arts and craft projects for and with the kids.
  • Taking them out to museums, parks, and zoos.

Places to Visit with Kids in Primrose Hill

The District of Primrose Hill got its name from the Primrose Hill, a public recreational area. Therefore, the district has a lot to offer for the kids.

When you need some me-alone time, the nanny can take your kids to the numerous sites in Primrose Hill. They can start with the Go Ape Alexandra Palace. This is an attraction site suitable for kids between 4 – 18 years and offers a whole lot of fun activities. With an iconic London spot, this Primrose Hill’s inspiration has all the kids’ favourites including walkways, bridges, ladders, a zig-zag bridge, and tunnels.

They can also spend their precious time at The St. Katherine Docks Treasure Trail with the nanny. This site is also suitable for children between 4 – 18 years and guarantees lots of fun for the kids. With its treasure trail adventure, the kids can make discoveries with self-guided trails and also hunt for lost treasures. Not to forget, they can as well challenge each other to solve clues and locate the missing treasures.

Bi- and Multi-lingual Nannies

Our nannies make the best companions for the kids who have masterly of extra languages. Most of them are bilingual, and others are multi-lingual. This makes it simple for them to interact with your children with their language of choice. If you also need your kids to master an additional language, our nannies who understand Italian, Chinese, German, French and a host other languages can come in handy for you.

Terms of Engagement

Our nannies are engaged based on an individual’s requirements. The terms are agreed on before the employment date. This makes for a smooth interaction without future problems on the duties. As for the hours of engagement, the nannies work typically from Monday to Friday and for eight to twelve hours daily. Any other arrangement must be agreed on before it being affected.

Our nannies are also happy to travel with your family outside Primrose Hill. They can come in handy if you’re out and need the kids to give you and your spouse some private time.


If you have a rather demanding work schedule or personal engagements that keep you away from your kids, a nanny is what you need. We at London Governess ensure you get the right attention for your kids even when you are away. Talk to us today and get a reliable candidate to work right from your Primrose Hill home.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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