Exceptional Childcare With A VIP Nanny Agency Riyadh 

Don’t settle for ordinary childcare. Our Riyadh nanny agency connects your VIP family with professional overseas nannies who deliver exceptional care tailored to your family’s unique lifestyle.

From English-speaking nannies to French nannies, we’ll source a highly professional nanny for your needs, ensuring stress-free family integration and peace of mind.

Why Choose Our Professional Nanny Services

Welcome to London Governess, Riyadh’s trusted nanny placement service. We understand the importance of exceptional childcare for your VIP family.

French Speaking Nannies, Overseas Nannies & More

We connect you with a range of qualified nannies, from experienced and English-speaking nannies to professional French nannies who cater to various childcare needs. Whether you require a nanny to support you through your busy working hours, a nursery nurse as you traverse the realms of early parenthood or a teaching nanny who also provides educational activities, we’re your trusted nanny agency.

Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying  at home

Riyadh: Premium Caregiving Beyond Nanny Jobs

London Governess isn’t your ordinary agency. We offer a customised approach to differing childcare needs, taking the time to understand a variety of families across the Middle East. Whether you require native English nannies or maternity nurses for your bundle of joy, we have the ideal nanny for you.

Your Family, Our Priority

We go beyond simply filling nanny job positions. We understand that exceptional care for your children requires a dedicated partnership. 

Through a rigorous recruitment process, we meticulously match you with the ideal high-profile nannies who provide your family with the care and support your VIP family needs. From attentive care to educational support, we work with a variety of clients in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

An Experience That Goes Beyond Childcare

At our luxury nanny agency, families like yours receive more than just childcare – it’s an elevated experience. Our nannies are handpicked for their expertise. Need a nanny with a background in education? We have the perfect match.

Our approach moulds to the differing childcare approach in every family. From live-in nannies who provide consistent support to the family to travel nannies who meet caregiving needs on the go, or temporary nannies for special occasions, our expertise guarantees discreet and efficient care. In Saudi Arabia, our nanny agency prioritises the highest level of care for your children with the best candidates available.


Our Nanny Options

  • Nannies promoting healthy living: Ensure your child thrives with a focus on healthy habits.
  • Experienced nannies: Find a nanny with a proven track record of previous experience of caring for children.
  • Maternity nurses & Nursery nurse service: Get dedicated support during those early, precious months whether it’s your first baby or more.
  • Live-in nannies: Provide consistent care around your working schedule with a nanny who lives within your home.
  • Nannies employed across the Middle East: We serve families in Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and beyond.
  • French-speaking nannies: Immerse your child in French language learning.
  • English-speaking nannies: Ensure clear communication for your family.
  • Nannies for high-profile families: Our nannies understand the unique needs of discerning families.
  • Full-time & part-time placements: Find a nanny that fits your specific working hours.

Serving Families Across the Region

We serve families in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and beyond.

Your Child’s Safety and Well-Being Come First

We understand the importance of peace of mind. That’s why all our nannies undergo rigorous background checks, including police clearances. When matching you with candidates for the job, we consider your child’s age, your childcare needs, and any desired qualifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your family.

Elite Childcare: Where Expertise Meets Family

Exceptional families deserve exceptional care. Our highly-trained caregivers aren’t just babysitters — they’re trusted partners, renowned for their professionalism, immense dedication, and reliability.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is nurtured by the very best. We offer exclusive access to a limited pool of highly qualified childcare providers, ensuring a perfect match that fits your family’s life like a glove.

The Right Person For The Job

Forget complex childcare searches. We start with a customised consultation to understand your family dynamics. Then, we match you with exceptional nannies who perfectly fit your vision.  From introductions to paperwork, we handle it all for a smooth transition. 

Delivering Dedicated Care

For generations, we’ve delivered exceptional care for high-profile families across the Middle East. With experience in luxurious, fully staffed households, they’re fully trained to work with your family values exuding confidence and care.

Expert Care for Flourishing Families

Wondering what other families say about our VIP nanny services?

Nurture Your Family With A Riyadh VIP Nanny Agency

At our luxury agency, your child’s happiness is paramount. We create a nurturing environment while giving you peace of mind to focus on precious family moments.

Book a consultation today and see how a VIP nanny can enrich your life in Riyadh.

Call us: +44 0203 815 7930  and + 44 7740 462 463

What qualifications do your luxury nannies have?

Our luxury nannies undergo a thorough selection process and possess a range of qualifications and experiences. Many of them hold certifications in early childhood education, while others have extensive experience working with high-profile families. 

Do your luxury nannies speak multiple languages?

Yes, many of our luxury nannies are bilingual or multilingual, which can be beneficial for families with diverse language needs. Whether you require an English-speaking nanny, a nanny fluent in Arabic, or someone proficient in another language, we can match you with a nanny who meets your language preferences.

What is the process for hiring a luxury nanny through your agency?

The process begins with a consultation to enquire about your specifications, where we discuss your family’s specific needs, preferences, and requirements. Based on this information, we curate a shortlist of highly qualified nannies for your consideration. Once you’ve selected a nanny, we handle all the necessary paperwork and arrangements to ensure a smooth placement.

Can I meet the nanny before making a decision?

We encourage families to meet potential nannies before finalising any decisions. We can arrange interviews and meetings with the nannies you’re interested in, allowing you to get to know them better and assess their suitability for your family.

What ongoing support do you provide after the nanny is placed?

Our support doesn’t end once the nanny is placed. We offer ongoing support and guidance to both families and nannies to ensure a successful and harmonious relationship. If you have any questions or concerns after the placement, we’re always here to help and provide assistance.