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The joy of a working-class parent is knowing their kids are in good hands even when they are not around them. It gives you some sense of security as you go about your daily schedules with the assurance that they are receiving proper care, just as they would with you.

However, this is always a challenge for many parents especially if they are struggling to balance their official and business lives with the family duties. However, if you’re undergoing such hard times as you have to travel around or outside Shanghai, we can significantly help.

Highly Qualified English Speaking Nannies

We are London Governess, your all-time nanny agency in London. We have a bunch of qualified English speaking nannies who are willing to relocate to Shanghai and would be of much help to you.

We boast of the most extensive database of English-speaking nannies whose favourite working location is Shanghai. Therefore, it should be easy for you to land one with the help of London Governess.

Who is a Nanny?

A nanny is a female individual who is employed to take care of kids’ well-being. They help parents greatly especially if they are working away or have to leave the kids for emergency purposes. You can hire a live-in, live-out, or night nanny from London Governess.

They might also help while you’re around if you need to go for a vacation outside Shanghai with the kids but you’ll need time alone with your spouse. The nanny can keep them entertained at a children’s recreational area, zoo, take them to swimming areas, or get them to eateries.

Tasks/Duties of a Nanny

The nanny performs different duties and tasks related to the kids’ well-being and upbringing. They can help in planning the daily and weekly activities for the children, both at home and away.

Also, they can help with the children’s learning and development nurturing depending on your personal requirements and terms of engagement. However, their duties are not the same as those of a governess.

Since they are responsible for all nursery duties, they will be helping with other tasks as preparation of foods and cooking. Their tasks also include cleaning the kids’ rooms or observing the children do the cleaning and planning. Other duties include feeding, dressing and undressing, and bathing the kids. They also help with working out better sleeping and waking patterns for the children.

Also, our nannies are well versed with keeping up with kids. They can actively keep the kids involved in extracurricular activities to boost their physical and intellectual well-being. The activities include teaching them how to swim, playing mind games, and how to play musical instruments like the guitar or the piano.

While with the kids, the nanny helps nurture the kids’ physical, intellectual, and emotional development. By doing this, they can identify and explore different activities that will keep the kids happy, active, and involved. They also participate in planning and organizing play dates, taking the kids to the zoo, and other recreational centres.

Things to Do with Kids in Shanghai

When you are away, probably outside Shanghai, you can trust our nannies to be your best caregivers for the kids. The nanny, with your help or by themselves can select the places where they can spend a weekend at in Shanghai including museums and amusement parks.

A good place to start with would be the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. As the longest underwater tunnel in the world, the children would have a great day out enjoying the aquarium and the endangered Chinese marine life.

Then here comes the Shanghai 3D Magic Fun House. This is a great inspiration for kids as they can spend hours on end here looking at art as if they are in it, thanks to 3-D technology.

Bi and Multi-lingual

Our nannies are either bi or multi-lingual. They come from different countries including China, the UK, Spain, Australia, Ireland, and other English-speaking countries. This gives you an upper hand if you have always wished for your kids to learn an additional language.

With our English-speaking nannies, therefore, the children can learn an extra language or two. The nannies can teach them the UK English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, the Chinese variable languages, among others.

Terms of Engagement

Our nannies come from different parts of the worldwide. Although most of them prefer Shanghai, it does not mean they come from there and will find their way out. Thus, it is the liability of the employer to provide them with food, sleeping, and living space, preferably detached ones. The accommodation area should preferably have an own bathroom.

Their working hours are determined at the point of initial agreements. Typically, they work from Monday to Friday for 8-12 hours a day. However, if you require them to work for longer hours, that is subject to discussion, and an alteration of the charges will have to be agreed on beforehand.

Your Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the employer cannot be passed to the nanny or London Governess. Your duties include arranging for the visa and immigration formalities, providing medical cover and footing the transportation costs to and back from Shanghai.


The security and safety of your kids are of the utmost importance. We understand what the kids mean to you, and with the need to leave them in the hands of a motherly caregiver, we can never overrule the need for a qualified nanny. It is, therefore, our priority to ensure your children get reliable caregiving from our efficient nannies. Talk to us today and let us get you a reliable nanny to work for you anywhere in Shanghai.


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463

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