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Parenting Help and Advice

We are now offering a parenting consultancy service

Many parents have difficulties understanding and managing their children’s behaviour, and would benefit greatly from advice, support and guidance. Typical concerns are:

  • uncooperative behaviour
  • aggression
  • anxiety- related issues
  • temper tantrums
  • fussy eaters
  • sleep problems
  • potty training

Our consultant will support and advise you, providing   the strategies you need to confidently manage your child.

Our consultant is an expert in child development and behaviour, and is able to provide the most appropriate advice for all ages of child. Her expertise also means that she can recognise when more specialist help – such as speech or occupational therapy – may be required. She will then be able to advise you and provide recommendations for further help from specialist consultants.

Our consultant offers FaceTime and Skype appointments as well as face-to-face meetings in London, across the UK and overseas.

You can book just one session or have regular sessions.

Our consultant has 40 years’ experience in working closely with children of all ages. She has extensive experience working with families in their own homes as well as working in schools, nurseries and hospitals.

She has worked all over the world including Europe, Switzerland, Russia, China and the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) and so brings a good understanding of differing cultures.

She has also written many articles and features for child care and parenting magazines and other publications.

This consultancy service can also offer training for your nannies to ensure their consistent approach to your children..

Many of the nannies our clients employ from other agencies have no formal training, and so benefit greatly from help and guidance to more effectively manage the children in their care.

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Start seeing results and gain a more harmonious home


Housekeeping is demanding work and with a household’s many duties and chores including cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry and home maintenance. We understand life can be busy, and that many business people are in search of someone to help with housework. When you decide to look for such a professional, do so by contacting London Governess agency.

London Governess provides more than just governesses and childcare professionals. We help you to keep your household running smoothly with a full range of household staff including house managers, butlers, cooks, housekeepers, fitness instructors and domestic couples. In fact, we can provide almost any domestic staff you request.

Our experienced household managers can take full care of managing a home and in this way, free up time for the employer to do other things. Our personal assistants can range from home-based secretary to household manager assistant.

Our personal assistants can easily coordinate many important activities in the home.

English butlers are world-famous due in part to their respectful uniform and proper British manners. They are charged with managing the household staff, receiving guests, serving meals, maintaining the fine silver and china, and various other duties.

Our private chefs are well-known cooks with a deep understanding of various types of cuisine, styles of table service, party protocols and kitchen stuff duties.

We apply the same rigorous standards to all domestic professionals we supply, so you can be sure that any household staff from London Governess will be discreet, properly trained, considerate and honest.

As with our governesses and nannies, we offer only the finest candidates, pre-screening them to ensure they meet your demanding standards and keeping you updated at every step of the process:

  1. The first stage is a telephone conversation with our representative when it is crucial to be open about your needs and expectations.
  2. The second stage is where we send you a collection of suitable Curriculum Vitae to consider.
  3. The third stage includes you interviewing your shortlisted candidates. We often recommend a trial, because it is very important to see an employee at work before you make your offer. A trial could range from one day to one week – as long as you believe it is necessary. Again, it is essential both parties be as straightforward as possible, as this will determine the success of your future alliance.
  4. The last stage is when you make your final decision. Take your time to consider all the aspects of the candidates you have met.

Our general standards of choosing proper household stuff are the following:

  1. Professional employees (all registered candidates’ diplomas and certificates checked)
  2. Education and work experience (most of our candidates have references/proofs of previous education and employment, also double-checked by London Governess)
  3. Reliability (all candidates are hard-working and dedicated with a high sense of responsibility)
  4. Caring and outgoing personality (our candidates are pleasant with a genuine interest in their work)


Why choose household staff from London Governess?

We have extensive experience catering to the needs of VIP and high net worth families, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. We do everything possible to minimise the inconvenience and time you have to invest in finding the perfect staff members for your home. These are strong reasons to contact us!


Call us: +44 20 8798 0466 and + 44 7740 462 463

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