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Hiring a Governess/Governor in London

All families have specific needs in terms of their childcare requirements. No one family is ever the same as another. 

That’s something we know all too well here at London Governess. 

We have years of experience of helping families just like you find the right childcare for their family’s needs. Of course, there are several different childcare professionals that fit the bill in several situations, but one professional stands out for many reasons – the governess or governor. 

Life in London can be busy and hectic. Many parents work full time or having responsibilities which means they’re away from home during the day, or perhaps for a few days/weeks at a time. To ensure continuity of care for their child/children and to give peace of mind that they’re looked after and supported, a governess or governor is a good choice. 

What is Governess/Governor?

A governess/governor is a childcare professional that looks after a child’s basic care and educational needs, usually between the ages of 3 – 16 years. Prior to that time, a nanny would look after your child’s needs, from newborn to 3 years. While these ages aren’t set in stone, this is the usual guideline. 

A governess is a female childcare professional and a governor is a male childcare professional. Some governesses/governors have teaching experience in the past, which allows them to support a child’s education as they grow. 

This role therefore covers basic childcare needs, household duties, and educational support. On the other hand, a nanny’s duties cover basic needs and household duties only. 

Why is a Governess/Governor a Good Choice?

A governess or governor is a great choice for a family for many reasons. This is a professional who can help to build a strong bond of trust with your child, therefore helping them to develop as small humans, into adolescence. 

Equally, boys in a family may find benefit from a male governor if they don’t have a strong male presence in the household. This can also be a useful safety reassurance in homes without a male presence too. 

Governesses or governors can work on a live in or live out basis, depending upon the family’s needs. There are also rota governesses/governors, who provide 24/7 care on a rota basis, usually two weeks at a time. 

All of this means that your child is cared for and supported whenever you’re away from the family home. It also means that they’re constantly learning and developing, therefore giving them the very best start in life. 

What Are The Duties of a Governess/Governor?

To understand the benefits of hiring a governess or governor in London, you need to understand the basic duties of the role. 

It’s important to remember that all families are different and therefore specific duties and working patterns may vary. However, the following points are the general duties and tasks assigned to a governess or governor in London and beyond. 

  • Basic care for the child/children – While a governess/governor is mainly about educational support, they will provide a young child with basic care, e.g. dressing, washing, eating and meal preparation, while also being responsible for certain household duties, within the scope of their role. This will be discussed with the governess/governor and agreed so that duties are clear from the start. 
  • Supporting the child’s education in line with the curriculum – A governess/governor will support the child’s education and provide extra teaching in subjects they are struggling with. For instance, if the child is struggling to pick up a topic they’re being taught in maths at school, the governess/governor will focus on that topic and help the child to better understand, therefore allowing them to stay on target in class. 
  • Teaching additional subjects – Some governesses/governors are able to teach a child different subjects, such as a foreign language, a musical instrument, or a sport. This is all very beneficial to a child as they grow and move through life. 
  • Keeping the parents up to date with their child’s educational development – The governess/governor will be in regular contact with the child’s parents about their progress, highlighting successes, areas of concern, or areas where extra support is needed. This also covers their basic care, if the governess/governor notices anything with the child while they’re looking after them and the parents are away. In terms of any areas of concern, the professional will support the parents in helping to develop the child’s needs/skills and overcome any problems. 
  • Organising and accompanying the child on educational trips – The governess/governor will organise trips with an educational feel, to help supplement the child’s education and help them to learn more effectively. These trips should be linked to the child’s current curriculum, but may also be about general learning, e.g. any areas they’re specific interested in. This could include museums, theatre shows, sporting activities, or art galleries, etc. 
  • Supporting the child’s social development – The more time the child spends with their governess or governor, the more they will learn to trust them and confide in them. During school days, we know that sometimes children ‘fall out’ with their friends or struggle with specific social situations. The governess/governor can help to support your child through this and show them how to handle the situation, therefore helping them to develop and learn. 
  • Teaching manners and life skills – Not all teaching is about the curriculum. Another of the key duties of a governess or governor is to help a child learn manners and etiquette in all situations. This also includes helping the child to learn independence, resilience, strength, and becoming a well-rounded, open-minded, and mature young person. All of this helps to boost the child’s confidence and gives them the best start in life. 

Governesses/governors work in different patterns. They can work full time or part time, on a rota basis, an ad hoc basis, and they can live in or out. They can also travel with families whenever necessary. 

The professional will know the local area and will therefore be able to take your child out and about safely and give them all the information they need to understand their surroundings better. 

As such, general hours vary, but between 5-10 hours per day is often the average, working 5-6 days per week, with 1 or 2 days off. However, on a rota basis, this will be different as the governess/governor will work opposite another professional, often working two weeks on and two weeks off, etc. 

How Can We Help You?

A governess or a governor is a very good choice for many families. If this sounds like an arrangement that would suit your family, be sure to reach out and let us know. 

We have many years experience matching families with their ideal childcare professional, be it a governess/governor or a nanny. All of our professionals have years of experience and the best quality qualifications. We also rigorously vet all professionals prior to signing with our agency. 

We understand jus how huge a decision it is to hire someone to look after your child, whether it’s for a day or a month. For that reason, we take our responsibility extremely seriously. 

We believe that the services of a governess/governor can benefits countless children and if you’re unsure if this is a good fit for you, we’re happy to advise you. 

However, if you’re sure that you’d like to hire a governess/governor in London or beyond, reach out to us with all the information you have and we’ll get to work. We can usually match families with their ideal childcare professional within short notice if required and as much information as you can give us is ideal to help us get the match correct.