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How The Perfect London Tutor Can Help Your Child Improve Their English And Maths Grade

We all know that English, Maths, and Science are the core school subjects, and it has been this way for many years. Whilst you should always help your child to excel in their studies as a whole, focusing on these three traditional subjects will give them the tools to move forwards and succeed throughout their educational life.

The problem is, these are also three of the subjects which children traditionally struggle with. For the most part, you’re either talented in English, but struggle with maths, perhaps work well in maths, but struggle with English, or simply don’t understand science at all. No child is perfect, and it’s very rare for a child to excel in all three of these core curriculum subjects. 

Of course, these are the core subjects for a reason; they arm your child with the knowledge and background they need to build a strong foundation throughout their educational and working lives. When a child struggles with one or perhaps all of these subjects, a little help can be all it takes to give them the confidence to focus a little more intensely, and really grasp the concepts which wind throughout each subject. 

So, how can you ensure that they get that extra help and have their confidence boosted?

Have you considered a tutor?

If you live in the London area, you’ll no doubt know that competition for top school places is fierce and much of whether or not you get the place you want your child to have really stems on their performance in the top subjects. Maths and English are certainly two of the most important, with science following closely behind. 

This competition spreads across much of the country, but if you do live in the London area, finding a high quality tutor could be the answer to your child’s educational problems, and give them a boost of confidence and knowledge to nudge them in the right direction. 

Why a Tutor Might be a Good Idea 

Not only does your child’s performance in the core subjects affect whether or not they are admitted to the top schools, but if the performance continues in a poor trajectory, it could impact on their grades and their options for future educational opportunities. For instance, if your chid has aspirations to go to university after they’ve finished their exams, they will need to have performed well in English and maths to have a chance to be admitted onto the best courses, at the best universities, no matter what specialism they’re aiming towards. 

Put simply, focusing on English and maths as a priority is a vital part of ensuring your child gets the high quality schooling they need and deserve. 

The problem with schooling is that class sizes are ever growing. This means that teachers are unable to give children the one-to-one tutoring they may want to give. Some children may struggle with the basics of maths, which then causes them problems as subjects become progressively more complicated over time. A little tutoring can help answer the questions they may have, give them the confidence they need, and give them a foundation on which to build. 

Whilst a teach may be able to give this time occasionally, it’s certainly not going to be a regular occurrence when there are 20 plus other children wanting their attention. In this case, a tutor could be the ideal option to help your child reach their potential and give them  extra confidence. If this doesn’t happen, they may simply become disengaged, lacking in confidence, and unable to focus throughout the rest of their classes.

The Advantages of Opting For a Tutor

Of course, a tutor costs money, but you cannot put a price on the quality of your child’s education and their future as a result. In the London area, you will find a wide range of tutors to choose from and finding the perfect option for your child is vital. There needs to be a bond of trust between tutor and child and the tutor needs to teach in a way which your child responds to. Every child learns in a slightly different way, and the personalities need to gel. If this doesn’t happen, your child is likely to become even more disengaged as a result.

We’ll cover how to find the ideal tutor in the London area for your child shortly, but for now, what are the main advantages of opting for a tutor to help your child’s English and maths grades?

Increased Confidence via a Personalised, One-on-One Teaching Approach 

A tutor will give your child extra confidence, because they will be able to ask questions and learn the basics which they might otherwise miss. When a child doesn’t understand something, they rebel against it. They may try to learn more, but when they don’t see results, instead they will try and avoid it. The problem with maths and English is that these are two subjects which are required for all other subjects too! By trying to avoid the nuances of these two core subjects, they’re affecting their performance in all subjects as a whole. 

A tutor can help to inject confidence into your child and teach them in a way which they respond to individually. Class lessons are designed with the class in mind, not with the individual learning styles of a particular child. A tutor on the other hand can adapt and change their approach according to how the child responds and reacts to certain teaching methods and activities. 

Your Child is More Likely to Ask Questions They’re Scared to Ask in Class

Children are heavily influenced by their peers and if they have a question but they’re scared someone in their class is going to laugh or call them names, they simply won’t ask it. This can damage their education because it affects their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. 

When your child has a tutor for their English and maths, they can ask those questions without fear of being called names or laughed at, and that helps them to build their understanding of what they’re learning in class. In this case, fear will not hold them back and your tutor will be able to iron out any problems and answer any residual questions which may be lingering from their last few lessons. 

Tutors Are Able to Offer a Personalised Approach, Based on Weaknesses

In class, teachers only have so much time to dedicate to each child and that can mean that they understand the weaknesses of each child, but they can’t give them enough time to work on them. 

A tutor is able to do that and identify different areas which you might not be aware of. As a result, they can create lesson plans which work specifically on these trouble spots and help to reduce their impact on the rest of your child’s English and maths learning experience. 

This all links back to our first point on confidence, helping you child to overcome the problems which have possibly plagued their English and maths learning so far. 

Your Tutor Will Form a Trust Bond With Your Child and Therefore Learn More Effectively 

The quality of a teacher has a huge effect on how well their students learn. When you choose the right tutor, you’re ensuring that your child is able to ‘vibe’ with that tutor, form a bond of trust and relate to them. As a result, they will focus on what they’re saying, they’ll be intrigued by their learning style and they will absorb knowledge more effectively. 

The way a tutor teaches influences how your child responds, so choosing the right tutor and checking their teaching style will give you an idea on how well your child will do with that particular tutor. 

The Ability to go Over Current Teachings in Class

Having a regular tutor in English or maths will allow your child to go over things they’re currently learning in class and reaffirm their understanding, or overcome problems which they might not understand. They can also go over homework and help them ascertain true understanding and actually gain benefit from it, rather than simply doing it and handing it in for the sake of it. 

This means they’re not likely to fall behind, because their knowledge is being checked in real-time. If your tutor isn’t teaching the same as the subjects which are being taught in school, this can confuse your child and also cause them to fall behind the rest of their peers, because they’re lacking the understanding and knowledge they need to keep up. If your tutor can work along the same plan (which is highly likely), any problems are resolved quickly and at source, keeping your child up to date and keeping his or her confidence high. 

What to Look For in a Quality Tutor

When trying to find the ideal tutor for your child in the London area, you have a lot to think about. You need to ensure that they have the right qualifications and experience, and you need to look carefully into their teaching background and relevant age group, to ensure that they will fit in with your child’s educational needs. Of course, you also need to meet them to assess their personality and find out whether they’re someone your child is going to gel with and respond to in the right way. 

For instance, a tutor who has a strict teaching style may not fit well with a child who needs a more gentle and friendly approach. On the other hand, some children need a firmer learning style in order to get them to listen and pay attention. You know your child best, so you will know what type of tutor will suit their needs. As a result, you can choose the right personality too. 

It’s important take your time and find the ideal tutor for your child. By doing that, you’ll be investing in their education in many ways. 

How Often Should Tutoring Sessions Occur?

Another commonly asked question is how often should tutor sessions happen. There really is no right and wrong answer to this, and it depends on your child, how much extra tuition they need, as well at the budget you have for tutoring.

One session per week is probably the minimum, but this can be increased if your child is getting read for exams or tests, or they’re particularly struggling with problems. You can discuss a suitable schedule with your tutor, who will be able to advise you and give you regular updates and progress checks on your child’s learning and how well they’re doing. 

This can be the ideal personalised approach and can help you be more in control of your child’s education. That means your child actually learns something, rather than pretends to, and their confidence will soar. 


A tutor could be the ideal solution to a problem surrounding your child’s English or maths grade. By adopting a more personalised approach to the situation, you’ll give them the confidence to conquer their issues and allow them the space and time to focus and better their grades in their own time.

Choosing the right tutor for your child is a unique thing. A tutor who suits your friend’s child may not be the right person for your child, but as before, you know your child and their needs best, so you should focus your search individually. You may also be able to ask your child’s teacher for advice on who might be a suitable match for your child in terms of bettering their grades in English and maths too. 

How often your child needs tutoring sessions is also an individual issue, but one thing is for sure – choosing the right tutor in the London area for your child will be a great step towards their future success in two of these extremely important subjects.