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How to Cut Your Kids Hair? Things you should know!


Are you thinking of cutting your kid’s hair for the first time? Possibly you have no idea how to do it. It’s an easy task for first timers, but in the long run, it is worthwhile. Apart from saving some cash because haircuts can be expensive, it also gives you a chance to bond better with your child. Also, it is a better opportunity to get the desired style for your kid’s hair, save them from accidents at the barber shop, and prevent him from catching infections as their skin is still delicate. If you are thinking about it too, here are tips to help you.


Most probably, you have been toying with the idea of shaving your kids yourself for sometimes now. It is not easy and needs some continuous learning to master the art. Therefore, the first step is to learn how to do it and well. After all, you don’t want to mess them up and start running to the barbershop for a redo of the cutting. You also do not want to cut them or shave them bald. Take your time to master the art, and if need be, engage your local barber.

Prepare the Toddler

If you sure are ready to go, get the toddler ready. Make sure you have the right scissors, clipper, and comb. If you cannot get a barber’s shears, multi-purpose scissors will work too. Then put old magazines, newspapers, or a towel under the chair for the hair clippings. Also, put a sheet around the toddler’s shoulder to trap the falling clippings.

Distract the Child

Get the toddler something that will distract them. If you do not, they will get wiggly and distract you instead. Better yet, set the time for when the baby is happy and well rather than when they are tired, sick, or hungry. If you can, get them some lollipop, put them in front of the television, and keep talking to them with a smile on your face. You can also sing a song together but don’t expect maximum cooperation.

Before kicking it off, wet the hair with some mist of water. If the hair usually has tangles, you could buy a spray bottle of detangler. If you do not have a spray bottle, you can wet the hair with a wet washcloth and a comb.

Get the Right Angles

When cutting a toddler’s hair, one of the essential things is to cut at an angle. Picking the right one, preferably a 45-degree one will prevent you from making the hair too blunt. Using your fingers to keep the hairline straight, hold a bunch of the hair at 45 degrees and cut along your fingers. Start with the front and graduate to the back and sideways. However, as some parents do, you might also start around the ears because the baby will be restless at this moment. Cut slowly around the ears protecting them from getting cut.

If the hair is shorter, make sure you snip slowly. Of importance is being gentle but firm with the toddler’s hair and cutting tiny pieces at a go. Do this by holding the sections vertically. Even if the baby makes sudden movements, it will be easier to take control.

Determine the Length

Choose the preferred lengths with the first section. As you are working around the head, you can then take a little piece of the first section to guide you on how short it should go. After that, slide your fingers down the length of the hair and start cutting with the scissors below your fingers. You can start by cutting less than what you want and continue doing more if necessary.

Section the Hair

For medium or long hair, sectioning the hair is essential. Here, it is advisable to part the hair at the middle. You can start with the top and then clip some sections, so you can work on the hair beneath and back.

For the sections, you can make three, two by each ear and the third one in the back. The split among the three should be at the middle. Next, you can clip the back section into two and lift the parts up, clipping them too. Brush the remaining hair backwards and start cutting it to the length you want for the entire hair. You will have to match the remaining cuts with this length.

If you are using a clipper, put the plastic Number 3 guard on it. Plug the clipper in, hold it at 90 degrees, and clip straight up from the base of the neck. Cut upwards and do so around the toddler’s head. Once you are done, clean up the cut by fine-tuning it. Do this by removing the guard, cleaning up the area around the ears and the nape of the neck. After using the clippers, you can use the scissors to complete the cut.


If you do not find doing this comfortable, you can get help from a friend who does it. They can come in and teach you as they do it for you. Better yet, keep practising, and even if you fail the first time, it is worth trying over and again.