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How to Get a Nanny Job in Dubai From London?

When it comes to finding high quality nanny jobs, it pays to know where to look. Once upon a time, there only used to be local trade magazines and job advertisement boards to help you find the ideal job for you, but these days we have the wonder of the Internet to help us out.


Of course, working as a nanny is a job which allows you many different perks, including travel, new experiences, working with a range of different clients, and meeting/supporting any different children throughout your career. In order to find these opportunities, the best course of action is to sign up with an agency.


What is a Nanny Agency, and How Does it Work?


A nanny agency works on two levels. Firstly, it works to pair families up with their ideal nanny, based on requirements and experience, but it also helps nannies to reach out and find opportunities which expand their horizons, travel to various different places they would never have otherwise visited, and also to push their experience to greater heights.


For this reason, a nanny agency is a great choice for both sides of the story.


When signing up, you will go through an extensive vetting procedure, to ensure you have the right skills, qualifications, and experience for the role required. From there, you simply sit tight and wait for a match to be made. You can rest assured that a huge range of clients find it much easier to go to an agency, rather than having to do all the hard work of finding and interviewing nannies themselves. This cuts down on time for them, and gives you a greater scope for opportunities coming your way.


Why Are Nanny Jobs in The UAE Attractive Options?


Dubai overall is a great place to work. Fantastic weather, a new culture to explore, sights to see, friends to be made, and a generally totally different experience to what you would get anywhere else. There are also many families in Dubai who are always on the lookout for nanny help, and that means plentiful opportunities for work.


The feel of the UAE is also very attractive to foreign nannies, and the plus point is that English is generally very widely spoken. There are options to work with families of high social standing, even royalty, and also many possibilities for travel in and around the Dubai area, and maybe even further afield, as part of a nanny/family set-up.


As with anywhere in the world, there are live in and live out nanny options available for Dubai nannies, with full time and part time opportunities available too. Most busy, working families would require a full time nanny, and as mentioned before, this could also extend to travel opportunities, either for leisure vacations or work-related outings with the children.


To sum it up, the advantages of working as a nanny in Dubai are:


  • Good weather
  • A range of nanny opportunities, with flexible options too
  • The chance to travel with your host family
  • Live in and out options on offer
  • A new culture to explore
  • A thriving ex-pat scene
  • English is widely spoken
  • Many attractions and sights to explore during your time off
  • Working overseas in the UAE looks good on your CV
  • Some families are of high social standing/professional business people – again this is an advantage on your CV for future jobs
  • Attractive pay packages


Your First Steps to Working in The UAE/Dubai


Now we’ve talked about why you should think about working as a nanny in Dubai and highlighted all the plus points, we now need to cover how to actually get a job.


As we mentioned before, enrolling with a nanny agency is the number one way to find a nanny in Dubai job, and one which is with a family that are perfectly suited to you. There are other ways to find such jobs, such as checking online, joining nanny job forums, and searching social media, but these don’t give you the same matching service that an agency would, and you will also find that the highest quality jobs tend to be through agencies. Why? Because families want to go somewhere they can trust. If you simply put out and avert on the internet, you could get anyone, but by going through an agency, the family are safe in the knowledge that the nanny they receive is highly trained, adequately qualified, and has also been vetted to the highest standards.


For you, you’re also sure that you’re being matched with a family who will offer you safe working environment, a good remuneration package, and a great experience to boot.


Registering with a nanny agency isn’t only useful for finding a job in the Dubai region, as you can be matched with a family anywhere you please. All you need to do is mention at the time of enrolment the areas you’d like to be considered for, and the matching process will bear all of that in mind when a suitable family becomes available.


One thing is for sure however, working as a nanny in Dubai, either on a short term contract or a longer term option, will be a fantastic experience, and one which will look extremely attractive on your CV, when further opportunities arise. The chance to work in such a fast paced, highly cultural, and exciting part of the world is something that shouldn’t be passed up in a hurry!