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Male Governor

Provision of educational childcare has for long been a preserve for ladies, commonly referred to as governesses. However, the world is fast changing, and the roles are being divided between the two major genders, that is, male and female. During such an era where parenting has been affected by parents getting extra busier by the day, there a need to have the male children get a caregiver different from a female one has risen.

There are different responsibilities that a governess takes when she is with a female child. The same case applies to a male child where he has to learn basic masculine things from a man’s point of view. This has seen a great grown in the need for governors. As such, many families are now looking up to childcare agencies to source for governors for their male children.

At London Governess, we have seen the need for male caregivers rise to an all high. As a result, we have created the opportunity for parents requiring such candidates to get them with ease through our agency.

Who is A Governor?

A governor is a male child care provider in a home setup who focuses on the educational and academic needs of an employer’s children. The governor performs such duties as a governess only that they are mostly focused on the male child.

However, some families may prefer a governor to take care of all their children in place of a governess. In the wake of such sudden changes, most people are expressing their satisfaction with working with governors.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Personnel

At London Governess, we have seen the growing need for male governors. We have, therefore, made it possible for everyone who prefers to have a male caregiver for their children to a female one. This means that you can contact us at any time you need such an employee and we shall help you get one for your needs.

Our database has close to 750 well screened, qualified, and registered governors. They are all fit to work in London and beyond. So, whether you are looking for one to fly out with you to a different country or work at your home in England, we are your right team.

The governors have the requisite qualifications and skills to cater for your every need. They have worked for many VIP, celebs, politicians, and VIPs’ families in the past.

This has placed them at the helm of the industry that is fast changing and adopting the male caregiver. By hiring one, therefore, you will be offering your children the best, personalised, as well as uninterrupted academic attention from their home.

Duties and Responsibilities of A Governor

Just like a governess, a governor performs among them but not limited to the following duties:

  • Acting as a role model: – the most important role of a governor is acting as a role model to the kids he is employed for. Mostly, the employers who hire governors are single moms and female couples and would want a male figure for their growing male children. Therefore, the governor is expected to step in and play the pivotal role of a male figure and a role model.

Also, the governor is expected to teach the children the basic practice of etiquette and good manners. In addition, they also teach the kids positive outlooks of life and prepare them to be better men in life.

  • The governor also has the duty of meeting the kids’ educational needs. They also mentor the children and ensure they are competent enough education wise.
  • Nurturing the children’s intellectual and social development by engaging them in relevant activities and challenges.
  • Ensuring the children are lively and active to boost their physical as well as emotional development. This is usually done by engaging them in physical and mind games in and out of their home setup.
  • Travelling with the employer’s family on domestic and international trips. If you, for instance, have a vacation that you must attend with your family, the governor would be a great source of help when you want to have a couple’s time alone. He can engage the kids in entertaining activities, drive them to the movies, or kids’ gardens.
  • Ensuring they impact discipline, cultural, social, and personal grooming characteristics on the children. This helps nurture respectable humans in the society whether they are with a grownup or on their own.
  • Planning and scheduling play trips and educational trips.
  • The governor will also ensure the kids’ cognitive development is promoted and nurtured from their days as toddlers.
  • The governor is also expected to use their skills and experience to identify, nurture, and help exploit and develop a kid’s, skills, potential, and talents while still young.
  • If you hire a governor who has mastery of more than one language, it would be a plus for you. The governor can teach your kids additional languages like French, Russian, German, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, UK English accent, and many others. The learning will be a personalised one compared to a classroom setup. This will make the learning of a new language easier and faster for your children.
  • Planning for and taking the kids out to spend time in recreational centres, museums, zoos, national parks, and other amusement parks away from the learning environment.
  • Creating and nurturing a conducive, amusing, stimulating, and enjoyable environment for the children to grow in and develop their skills, confidence, esteem, and self-independence.
  • The governor can also help with multiple school matters. For instance, they can help your kids with selecting the best UK schools, applying to them, and reporting. Also, the governor can also step in for the parents if they are needed at their kids’ schools for academic clinics, meetings, or other functions that the parents may not be able to attend.
  • Teaching or taking the kids for extracurricular activities like music, swimming, and guitar lessons. They can also take them or play with them such games as football while they are not in school.

Bi- and Multi-lingual

The biggest advantage you can get by hiring a governor through our agency is their versatility. Most of our registered governors are bi- while others are multi-lingual. With UK and U.S. accents, they also speak and write other languages like Mandarin, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, and other world’s major languages.

If therefore, you are looking for someone who can help your kids learn French because you are moving to France, our governors would be your best match. They will also help the kids learn of and acquire the cultural traditions of their new environment as the need arises.

Candidates Vetted and Screened Thoroughly

We understand that the world has a reservation when it comes to caregivers. As such, we take much pain in ensuring you get the best and the right candidate. This we also do to ensure you can trust us and thereby trust our candidates.

Before we can register our governors, we make sure they undergo the most thorough and rigorous vetting process. We screen their academic and professional qualifications to ensure what they provide is genuine. In addition, we check that they have all the requisite certifications before they can be registered with us.

To ensure we have a clean background check about them, the screening does not end with certificates and experience. We also check with their referees to confirm their past engagements. As a rule of the thumb too, we check their names against criminal databases just in case they are not qualified to handle children.

After we are confident of the candidates’ fitness, we select the ones that match your needs. At this stage, the task of selecting the best is yours. You can then filter them and make sure to inform us who meets all your criteria.

Terms of Engagement

A governor is engaged depending on the client’s needs. Generally, they work for a set of hours per day and for a number of days in a week. Typically, the days run from Monday to Friday. The hours are from morning to evening for about 10 hours a day.

If the governor is a live-in one, the employer will need to provide him with meals and accommodation. If possible, it is also best to get them space with a separate bathroom.

A point to note is that a governor does not work as a nanny or house help. It is, therefore, important that the employer gets a nanny to take care of the general childcare tasks.


At London Governess, we believe every child has the right to the best educational attention. Also, we believe that a child needs to have the most fitting caregiver. As such, we have designed this position of a governor to offer our clients’ kids the needed academic assistance. To ensure you get the best for them, talk to us today and guarantee your children the best.