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This course is ideal for anyone wanting to work as a professional nanny, who is not formally trained.

It is also suitable for anyone working as an au pair, mother’s help or nanny/ housekeeper, who wants to move into a role as a nanny.

The course will give the applicant all the professional expertise needed to help secure a more highly paid, professional nanny role.

Each participant will be given all the course material to keep, as well as a certificate on completion of the course. The course also gives guidance on attending interviews and help on finding a role.

The online course duration is three hours and covers exactly the same vital material as a course attended in person.

This is a one-to-one course via online video; there is the teacher and the student only. As a result, the student receives the teacher’s undivided attention throughout. This is a bespoke and personal course for the candidate.

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Become a Nanny Now – Start a new career

Topics covered on the course:

  1. Working as a professional nanny – responsibilities and duties
  2. Caring for babies and children
  3. Safety – keeping the children in your care safe at all times
  4. Travel with the family and working in multiple homes and locations
  5. Communicating with your employer
  6. Play and learning for the under sevens
  7. Understanding child behaviour, boundaries, and the importance of consistency
  8. Weaning
  1. Teething
  2. Illness
  3. Temper tantrums and aggressive behaviour
  4. Fussy eaters, food, and healthy eating
  5. Good hygiene and toilet training
  6. Confidentiality, privacy and security of the house, location and family
  7. Networking – finding out about activities, clubs, and classes at home and when travelling
  8. Driving for work

    We have a select number of roles in the UK and overseas, please see our job section for details of current vacancies. Please note that when selecting candidates for interview, clients often give priority to those who have attended our training courses.

    Call us: +44 20 8798 0466  and + 44 7740 462 463